Women in CRE – LevRose and MODE

Sister companies, Mode Commercial Real Estate and LevRose Commercial Real Estate, proudly reflect on their contribution to women in the commercial real estate (CRE) industry during Women’s History Month. With only 36.7% of women represented in the CRE sector, both firms are committed to challenging this imbalance.

Despite the industry’s male-dominated landscape, Mode and LevRose have successfully broken barriers, recognizing, and promoting the outstanding contributions of their female staff. “We’ve had the privilege of working with exceptionally skilled female professionals,” stated a company spokesperson. “We are emphatically committed to promoting gender equality in the CRE industry.”

Throughout March and beyond, these companies have celebrated the achievements of their female team members, emphasizing their dedication to empowering women within the industry. Their commitment extends beyond mere acknowledgment, with concrete initiatives such as mentoring, hiring, and retaining women as integral parts of their growth strategy.

Mode and LevRose’s dedication leaves a lasting, positive impact on the industry’s gender ratio, reinforcing their forward-thinking approach. They are excited about celebrating their team’s diverse talents, their commitment to challenging industry norms, and promoting diversity within the CRE industry.

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