Meet your neighbor: Kottler loves unpredictability of commercial real estate

Name: Zak Kottler

Occupation: Commercial Real Estate Broker and Partner, LevRose Commercial Real Estate

Why you chose to work in your field: I initially chose commercial real estate because my older brother started in that industry after he graduated college. Based on his experience and success with it, it was extremely intriguing to me and led me to pursue it further. The overall ability to essentially work for yourself and create your own schedule was definitely a part of the end decision as well, I wouldn’t change a thing.

What I like most about what I do: The excitement of waking up and not knowing what every day will hold. New deals and relationships can arise immediately and change the path of everything that you were previously working on.

Where did you come from: Cleveland, Ohio.

Why did you decide to move to Arizona? During my time in college in Florida I came out to visit Arizona multiple times to watch Ohio State play in the Fiesta Bowl. With every visit I was drawn more and more to Arizona. After college I ended up choosing Arizona over Florida.

If I had picked a different occupation it might have been: As a kid I was passionate about animals and always saw myself being a veterinarian.

How has poker played a part of your life? I started playing with my family when I was 14 and poker has always served as a fun yet educational hobby for me to enjoy. Being able to read people translates well into my industry when navigating deals for my clients and I’ve developed great relationships with fellow poker players who are also in real estate.

What is a challenging aspect of your job? The ups and downs with deals in general. You have to realize that not every deal will go through but if you learn from the ones that didn’t then the future ratio will definitely be in your favor.

People who inspired me (and how): My dad inspired me as a kid based on his work and family balance. He was constantly working and had to travel a good amount when we were growing up but that never stopped him from making the time for myself and my siblings. He was a strong mentor for me as well when I was making the final decision to choose commercial real estate, he owned properties himself and had good intel/experience.

One thing I want my clients to know about me: When I’m engaged with a client, they get me 24/7 and can always access me. Customer service is key with what I do.

My advice to today’s youth: Take the time to really evaluate what you enjoy doing and what your strengths are. It’s better to have a slower decision process upfront and make the proper choice with what will be your potential lifelong career.

Source: Scottsdale Independent

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