Meet your neighbor: Baumgardner serves as coach, volunteers in community

Name: Mike Baumgardner

Where I live: Arcadia Arizona, but I work in Old Town Scottsdale at LevRose Commercial Real Estate

When and why I moved here: I moved in July of 2005 Because I fell in love with the area being from Michigan, I needed grass and larger lots. It felt like a more local feel with families that grew up in Arizona.

What I like most about living here: I think as you get older, life gets busy, and you really come to appreciate how simple things are in Phoenix by how easy it is to get around. Traveling around the city to visit people and just doing your day to day life becomes easier. Of course, I can’t NOT mention how the great weather (remember I’m from Michigan) allows us to do so many things outside 12 months out of the year.

Activities we enjoy: I love doing all activities with my family from hiking to playing soccer in the yard, coaching them in both soccer and softball.

Clubs/organizations I’m involved in: I’m involved in the Real Estate Investment Advisory Council (REIAC), Acadia Little League Board and Entrepreneurs Organization

My favorite charity or volunteer activity and why it deserves support from others? There so many good organizations out there. The one that hits home with me and my family is Children’s Cancer Network (CCN). They were there when we needed a little extra support when our daughter was battling cancer. We got to know the founders of the organization and it is such a great charity to watch grow. They help so many people in need of assistance in a dark time of their lives. Both my daughters look forward to CCN events.

My No. 1 suggestion to new residents looking for ways to get involved in their community: I think it’s kind of how I was always raised and that is to ask people in the community that has these positions. See where they need help. I think you’ll find that there’s always a need for more volunteers or more people to sit on boards or committees.

What one thing would you like to see changed in Scottsdale? There isn’t a lot I would like to change in Scottsdale, however, being that I work in Old Town in the entertainment district, I think I would like to see that area made to be more walkable and have more of a community feel. The amount of traffic with pedestrians and having cars drive down those roads seems to be an incredibly dangerous proposition and scary to those that are out and about.

My family: I have been married to my beautiful wife Gretchen for over 12 years who is a Phoenix native and comes from a wonderful family. We have two beautiful daughters Olivia who’s 11 and Ella who is 9. Ella is going to be in the fourth-grade next year at Hopi and Olivia is going to be in 6 grade at Ingleside. We are raising very strong, smart and independent young ladies. They are learning to Figure out real-life scenarios and manage time with all the activities that are in our lives.

What I do: I manage a commercial real estate brokerage called LevRose Commercial Real Estate in Old Town Scottsdale. It has been around for 27 years. I am there to help grow the organization and continue the legacy that we’ve created by our owners. My job is to mentor and support all of our agents in their professional and personal growth

People who are an inspiration to me: Growing up, it was always my Grampa. He commanded respect from everyone without having to ask for it. He always had great stories and a fun personality that you wanted to be around. As I got more into my career I always looked to clients to ask questions too and now I am working for a client of 13 years and a Mentor/Owner of LevRose Jon Rosenberg.

My advice to today’s youth: My advice to youth today is to stay involved in as many things you can do socially and academically. Find a fun server job in college that will teach you real-life skills and about people. Ask lots of questions to people around you and ask some of these people if you could lean on them for career or personal advice. People really do want to help and mentor, they just don’t get asked much!

Source: Scottsdale Independent


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