Here’s How Buckeye Leads the West Valley As A Hot Spot for Development

Buckeye, once a quiet community on the outskirts of Phoenix, has transformed into a thriving city with a population of over 114,000 residents. Its strategic location, proximity to California, and vast available land have attracted businesses seeking to serve the Californian market while operating in Arizona. Buckeye’s support for initiatives like Foreign Trade Zone number 277 has fostered a pro-business environment, attracting industries such as advanced manufacturing, energy, and distribution. Major projects like the KORE Power battery manufacturing facility and Rehrig Pacific’s relocation highlight Buckeye’s economic growth. Additionally, developments like the Teravalis mixed-use community and Verrado Marketplace demonstrate the city’s commitment to future expansion and infrastructure. With millions of square feet of commercial space available, Buckeye is poised for continued growth and job creation.

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