Tenant Representation

A Proven Track Record

At LevRose, it is our incredible tenant success stories that have built the foundation for how LevRose embodies tenant representation today. Designed to Simplify, we obsess over our processes so everyone has the opportunity to find the space they need to be a success. Whether you need 500 SF or 50,000 SF… Our advisors approach every opportunity with the mission of developing a worthwhile client relationship.

Things to Think About…

  • Budget

  • Timeline

  • Location

  • Zoning

  • Amenities

  • Growth Plans

  • Demographics

  • Logistics & Convenience

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Global Affiliation

In 2021 LevRose became the official Phoenix affiliate of TCN Worldwide after joining this international real estate network in 2013. Comprised of independent commercial real estate firms worldwide, this organization serves over 200 markets with integrated real estate solutions. Affiliates of TCN Worldwide receive access to a plethora of global market information including transaction databases, investment listings, connections, and events that encourage further career development. Ranked one of the largest service providers in the commercial real estate industry, their platform was originally created to improve the overall performance of each firm and their brokers.  

Our affiliation with TNC Worldwide equips us with a broad range of extensive real estate services and resources. Comprised of over 800 commercial real estate professionals serving more than 200 primary and secondary markets worldwide, TNC Worldwide allows us to offer our clients global marketing of their commercial properties and greatly expand their target markets


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