Postino, The Porch Sign on for $120M Queen Creek Mixed-Use Project

Creation, a real estate developer, announced plans for a $120 million mixed-use project called The Switchyard in Queen Creek, located at the northeast corner of Ellsworth and Ocotillo roads. The development, expected to break ground in late 2024, will cover 10 acres and include 54,000 square feet of restaurant, retail, and office space, along with multifamily residential units. Queen Creek’s rapid growth, driven by projects like LG Energy Solution Ltd.’s $5.5 billion battery manufacturing complex, has increased demand for such developments. The first two signed leases for The Switchyard are Valley-based restaurants Postino and The Porch. The project, set to open in phases starting in early 2026, aims to integrate living, working, and social spaces, contributing to the town’s growth and enhancing its downtown core. Queen Creek Mayor Julia Wheatley and Postino CEO Lauren Bailey have both expressed excitement for the development’s future impact on the community.

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