What Would a “Tough Mudder” Competition Look Like For Salespeople

The new leader in extreme sporting events around the world is the “Tough Mudder” competition. These are a series of events that test your physical and mental limits beyond anything you can image. You enter these events and torture yourself because you want to. What’s more unbelievable, for salespeople, is that you are willing to “PAY” to do it.

The English version of “Tough Mudder” is considered the toughest challenge in the world. It’s 24 hours of intense physical and mental challenges. English Special Forces designed the course. Some 1,200 participants started the contest and only a handful actually finished. Signed up were some of the toughest individuals you will find on the planet. A Marine that had dropped out half way through the contest said that Marine boot-camp takes you to the dropping point, but his survival halfway through this was beyond insanity.

What really caught my eye is who the ultimate winner was, JY Pak from Korea. The attached link will show you JY Pak having fun before the event. The next picture will show JY Pak and his ultimate intensity.

JY Pak was named the toughest of the toughest in the world and I don’t know about you, but to me he just does not look the part. Yet as the old wrestler Ric Flair used to say, “to be the best you have to beat the best” and JY Pak did that at “Tough Mudder”.

As a salesperson, I have competed with everything in my life. It’s what was instilled in me; in fact my biggest competition is with myself. Each year, I compare my sales results with my previous year’s results. If I drop one year I try to figure out what I did during the year that prevented me from achieving my sales goals. What I learn each year is that if I failed to beat my previous year’s sales goals it had more to do with what deals I was working on that failed, more so than the economy at the time. As salespeople, particularly in commercial real estate, our challenge is not that we have no business, it is that we have too many opportunities and we have to decide what opportunities we want to tackle. Failure for me comes when I take on an opportunity with little hope of success or low return on my time investment.

If we developed a “Tough Mudder” contest for Salespeople what would it look like?

First, it would be a contest that would test our ability to choose the right path for success. Next, it would require us to leave our comfort zone and do things that we either don’t like doing or ignore because it does not provide immediate results. This contest could include attending more sales conferences and more networking meetings. It would force us to call on a higher tier client base, force us to team up with a partner to develop more business opportunities, and force us to develop broker relationships in other markets to develop a referral base business, as well as to learn new social media tools.

When I look at JY Pak what it tells me is; don’t under estimate yourself! You may surprise yourself if you set your mind to being a “Tough Mudder” type salesperson.

– TCN Worldwide AffiliateHans Hansson-Starboard Commercial

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