John Haslet's World | Book by David Price | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster About The Book About The Author Product Details Raves and Reviews Resources and Downloads John Haslet's World An Ardent Patriot, the Delaware Blues, and the Spirit of 1776 By David Price Trade Paperback LIST PRICE $18.00 PRICE MAY VARY BY RETAILER Coochs Bridge, Del. #590: Robbery of the French treasury, 1783, 26. I & II. They camped near Newark, Delaware. 2, 1950. Photostat. Details. Subjects of legislation include money bills, acts pertaining to the militia, punishment of treason, raising troops, punishment for desertion, the export of provisions overseas, pardon for those swearing allegiance to the state, the quartering of soldiers, ratification and amending of the Articles of Confederation, recovery of public debts, prevention of fraud within the quartermaster and commissary departments, suspending the use of Continental bills of credit as legal tender, protection of trade on the Delaware river and bay, and determining depreciation of pay. Washington, D.C.: Rare Book Shop Publishing, 1914. Orderly book of Caleb Prew Bennett at the Battle of Yorktown, 1781. Offprint from Delaware History IV, no. . 1814. Before the Revolution: Yankee Doodle Comes to Delaware. 1919. During one of the largest and bloodiest battles of the Revolutionary War, the actions of these brave soldiers would earn them the venerated name of the Maryland 400. MacNeill, Henry T., and Aime Junkers MacNeill. Ryden, George Herbert, ed. Neilds, John P. Washingtons Army in Delaware in the Summer of 1777. (14), During the war, the Delaware Assembly struggled to govern the state. Tax Center Delaware Topics Taking into account rank and length of service, auditors estimated how much each soldier should receive, issuing depreciation certificates because the currency had been devalued so severely.(16). 29. 1. 7. Atlas to Marshalls Life of Washington. The Story of Caesar Rodney. Land claim bonus for Levin McGee by John McGee, 1779, 27. []. Coleman, John M. Thomas McKean: Forgotten Leader of the American Revolution. RG 9200M10.000 Allen McLane Papers, 1777-1821 (1 box). 6. Virginia Gazette facsimile copy, 1976. of the Sums Charged in the General . of Militia Against the Delaware State, Memorials and Petitions in the General Assembly, Notes made by Elaezer McComb, Auditor of Accounts, while settling claims with the Commission on the part of the United States, List of . Main, Jackson Turner. : 28 April 2023. New York: Lewis Publishing Company, 1929. Colonel John Haslet first commanded the Delaware Continental regiment. The George Washington Atlas. The compensation of soldiers was a concern due to the collapse of the currency system. 2. Photostat. Whiteley, William G. The Revolutionary Soldiers of Delaware. Encampment of the Division under Lt. Gen. Knyphausen 29th August 1777. 1777 (5). In the spring of 1780, the Delaware Continentals were sent to the southern theater. Edward Kearney, letter to the governor of Delaware, n.d. 2. Governors Register, State of Delaware Volume I: Appointments and Other Transactions . Receipts were not always dated or signed. Cornelius Paynter(?) 9. Bulletin III (April 1928): 15-22. Subjects include the Dover Light Infantry, time capsule placed in Willingtown Square, Rodneys Ride, Delaware Trust commissioned paintings, Separation Day celebration, the Old State House, and various local celebrations. Life and Correspondence of George Read. Millwood, New York: KTO Press, 1978. : Presidio Press, 1974. Dover: Henlopen Publishing Company, 1970. These records are meeting minutes of the Assembly, the lower house of the General Assembly, from the years 1776-1783. 5. Delaware Marketplace Delawares contributions to American independence did not end with the war. About U.S., Revolutionary War Rolls, 1775-1783 This database is a collection of records kept by the National Archives listing men who fought for the colonies in the American Revolutionary War. Business First Steps, Phone Directory Diary of Independence Hall. Position of the Army at Brandewyne. 1777 (10). Supply and requisition of cartridges, n.d. 5. RG 1315.007 Auditor of Accounts Journal, 1784-1800. The initial uniform of the 1st Delaware Regiment was that of a short blue regimental coat faced with red facings and turnbacks. RG 9200R08.000 Caesar Rodney Papers, 1773-1782 (1 box). Plan du Camp . Federalist Delaware, 1775-1815. Black Camp insurrection depositions, 1780, Revolutionary War Records, Military Records, 1775-1908 (41 folders). Heitman, Francis Barnard. R-36: John C. Powell, John Dickinson, Penman of the Revolution (Ph.D. thesis, University of Iowa, 1938). 9. Anderson, Enoch, 1753 or 4-1824. . Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1956. On Pale Rider! 2. Battles. State Regulations An act of Congress established the First Delaware Regiment on December 9, 1775, and the ranks quickly grew to over 725 men. Cooch, Eleanor B. Delaware Signers of the Oath of Allegiance. The Loyalists of Revolutionary Delaware. Certificate of military service, 1787, 39. 1976, RG 8005.046 Department of Public InstructionMotion Pictures Collection. Commanders of the Delaware Regiment 1776-1779, 11. Originals of the Settlement of Revolutionary War Claims may be found in RG 1315.6, and of the Auditors Account Book in RG 1315.7. The 1st Delaware Infantry Regiment, later known as the 1st Delaware Veteran Infantry Regiment was a United States volunteer infantry regiment raised for Union Army service in the American Civil War. . Order: Troops to False Cape (American Archive transcript), 1776, 9. New Castle Countys Committee of Inspection, the first organized in Delaware, vigorously pursued such dissent. The sixth volume listed here, containing miscellaneous Revolutionary War items, was collated but remains unpublished. A few letters from Tilton written during the Revolution are interspersed with other documents in Box 3 (all are photostats). Rioting between Whigs and Tories postponed October 1777 elections in Sussex County. The First Two Years of War (1776-1778): On January 17, 1776, six months before the Declaration of Independence, Robert Kirkwood (at age twenty) was commissioned a First Lieutenant in Col. John Haslet's Regiment of Light Infantry (fore-runner of the Delaware Continental Regiment). Petitions include officers requesting payment, former President McKinlys request for reimbursement, and persons convicted of treason seeking leniency. 17. Another volume, also not published, Pension Rolls and Correspondence, contains information on pension applicants. These records are photostats and photocopies of documents from the Historical Society of Delaware, the Historical Society of Philadelphia, the New York Public Library, and elsewhere. Calhoon, Robert McCluer. . (Wikimedia) List of invalid pensioners (photostat), 1790-1791, 10. 1778. Circular letters of Robert Morris, 1781, 27. William Saunders, inventory and genealogy, 1820, 51. Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress, 1972. Loyalists remaining in the area staged raids on the Delaware coast, even as the British attacked area shipping. These records include muster rolls of Delaware troops throughout the American Revolution, letters from the Continental Congress to Delaware, and letters to and from Caesar Rodney, John McKinly, and Thomas McKean. Passages from the Remembrancer of Christopher Marshall. The National Archives holds records relating to military service during the Revolutionary War, including both Continental troops and state troops that served as Continental troops. Captain Robert Kirkwood reimbursement, 1788, 21. Revolutionary Patriots of Delaware, 1775-1783. In June 1778 the regiment participated in the Battle of Monmouth Court House, as well as at Stony Point and Paulus Hook in the summer of 1779. Through the Years with Aunt Clara. Proceedings and correspondence, Kent County Committee of Correspondence (transcripts from Historical Society of Delaware), 1774-1775, 7. 1778. Washington, D.C.: Office of Publications, National Park Service, 1975. Second Seminole War. Manuscript Sources in the Library of Congress for Research on the American Revolution. Butterfield, L. H. Letters of Benjamin Rush. Letters regarding a shipment of supplies for British and Hessian prisoners date from that year, as does a circular from George Washington regarding raising troops, and a resolution of Congress regarding privateers. 8. Lewes meeting, examination of American grievances (transcripts from American Archives), 1774, 6. R-46.146.2: Delaware Papers, Colonial and Revolutionary Documents, at the Library of Congress, volumes I & II, III & IV. Officer rosters, muster rolls, regiment returns, pay rolls, provision and forage accounts, enlistment returns, certificates of service, depositions before justices of the peace, assignments of pay, receipts for pay, etc., from various soldiers. Delaware Regiment log, North Carolina, 1780, 28. Caesar Rodney Ride, event poster 1976. 9. General Patterson, punching money and Continental Loan officer salary, n.d. 2. Atlas of the American Revolution. Francis Freeman, 1820 (African American Revolutionary veteran), 46. Haslets Regiment (Delaware Blues), illustrations, 1776-1783, 12. United States History Revolution, 1775-1783 Personal narratives. Selesky, Harold E. A Demographic Survey of the Continental Army that Wintered at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, 1777-1778. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1981. The government it formed consisted of a bicameral legislature, consisting of the Legislative Council and House of Assembly, with a president and four-man Privy Council, both selected by the legislature, serving as the executive. 13. : Delaware Society of Colonial Dames of America, 1911. 1. Letter from David Hall, Council of Safety (photocopy), 1776, 8. 1915 painting by Stanley Arthurs. Philadelphia: Thomas, Cowperthwait and Company, 1846. Motor Travel, May 1925, June 1925. Proceedings and correspondence, New Castle County Committee of Correspondence (transcripts, photostats, originals), 1774-1775, Revolutionary War Records, Committee of Inspection and Observation, 1775-1777 (4 folders), 1. The Legislative Council, consisting of nine members, three from each county, served as the upper house of the General Assembly. Settling of depreciation of pay to Delaware Regiment, 1786, 20. RG 1111.021 Proceedings of the Freemen . General Anthony Wayne letters to Robinson family, 1776-1780, 18. These files contain the minutes of the Council of Safety from the years 1775-1776. . Sabine, Lorenzo. 4. Deposition re: David Parker enlistment, 1780, 29. James Tilton of Delaware, 1745-1822: A Patriotic Doctor in Our Two Wars with Britain, which apparently was never published. Beach, John W. The Cape Henlopen Lighthouse. Kremer, Bruce J. John Hanson of Mulberry Grove. Wilkes-Barre: Wyoming Historical and Geological Society, 1897. Washington, D.C.: National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, 1942. Instructions for enlisting men, signed enlistment form, muster rolls, officer lists, regiment returns, receipts, muster rolls, subsistence accounts. These records contain a variety of primary and secondary material. Some of the affidavits show the veterans age, physical condition, occupation, family member names and ages, inventory of property, and other personal information. As a number of loyalists left Delaware at this time, much of their property was seized. Correspondents include General Charles Lee, John Hancock, Benjamin Rush, and General George Washington. Newark: University of Delaware Press, 1988. 6. Westminster, Md. (ca. James Tilton letters folder contains a typescript copy of a letter from Tilton referring to George Washingtons resignation as commander of the Continental Army. After an attack to ravage Staten Island they marched south to oppose the British invasion of Delaware. . 12. A Rising People: The Founding of the United States, 1765-1789. State Agencies Records include miscellaneous accounts and receipts, muster rolls, pay rolls, and regiment returns, General Assembly resolutions, proclamations, and drafts, correspondence, Auditor of Accounts reports, documents regarding the treatment of suspected loyalists, and petitions for pardon from those suspected of aiding the British. New York: New Viewpoints, 1973. 3. Position of the Army at New Garden. 1777 (9). B. Lippincott Company, 1948. [Revolutionary War sites in New Castle, Kent, and Sussex Counties]. RG 9200T03.000 Tilton-Conrad Papers, 1782-1783 (1 box). A letter from Allen McLane concerning the attachment of his company to the Delaware Regiment, and correspondence from Arthur Lee at the height of the Lee/Deane controversy in 1779 may also be found. During the American Revolution, the Delaware Regiment established a record for military discipline, efficiency, and dependability on the battlefield. 2. the Queen's Rangers, were encamped six miles away, near the village of Mamaroneck. #25: Index of papers found in the New York Historical Society, re: Delaware, 4. The commissary accounts detail provisions for prisoners of war apparently taken at Yorktown, listing general comments, regiments, number of rations, and amount of alcohol supplied. 16mm motion picture. One folder of photostats includes instructions to generals, transcripts of letters to state officials, correspondence with his brother Thomas on subjects of the day, letters to the General Assembly regarding acts of Congress, and a letter of 4 July 1776 regarding Rodneys vote on the Declaration of Independence. Commission, John Carr, ensign, Fifth Pennsylvania Regiment, 1777, 14. Privacy Policy Photostat. Although they did not participate in any battles, members of the Delaware militia unit witnessed the hanging of Major John Andr on 2 October 1780. . Approved on 20 September, the document created the Delaware State. The only possible escape route was to cross under heavy fire, a marshy area about eighty yards wide called Gowanus Creek. The enlistment, provisioning, clothing, and payment of troops proved a constant concern. Abraham Wiles and Major Hitchens, letter from H. Ridgely, 1820, 55. Revolutionary War Period Material in the Hall of Records, 1775-1787: Four Little Known Sources. Offprint from Delaware History XVII, no.1 (1976). Caesar Rodney letters (photostat), 1776, 15. . 1791. Several newspaper articles dealing with Delawares role in the American Revolution may be found in the American Revolution and Bicentennial folders. 0:22 In his memoirs, Enoch Anderson, a freshly minted lieutenant in the First Delaware Regiment, described his rude introduction to Gen. John Dagworthy, a no-nonsense veteran of decades of. Among Captain Robert Kirkwoods papers are photostats of his journal from 1777-1784. Sir Henry Clintons Map of Valley Forge and Vicinity. Lafayette to Washington (photostat), 1781, 29. Letters concerning Allen McLane (photostat), 1781, 30. FamilySearch. Revolutionary War Records: National and Local From Original Manuscripts. Typescript, 1966. Lt. Hunter of His Majestys Navy. Correspondence re: Dover Light Infantry (photostat), 1776, 5. Letter from John McKinly (transcript), 1776, 9. Virtuitis Praemium: The Men Who Founded the State Society of the Cincinnati of Pennsylvania, 2 vols. 15. Only after 1822 do we find correspondence from individuals other than government officials or loan officers. Jacob Bennett re: ships captured by the British, 1777, 19. These records have been published in two volumes edited by Claudia Bushman, Harold B. Hancock, and Elizabeth Moyne Homsey (see bibliography section). Newark: University of Delaware Press, 1977. Vol Reel 0389 - American Revolutionary War Service Records; Soldiers--United States--Registers - Delaware, Hall's Regiment: Mc - Mi: Compiled service records of soldiers who served in the American Army during the Revolutionary war Duane, William, Jr. RG 1120.9 Votes and Proceedings of the Council of the Delaware State 1776-1783. Cambridge, Mass. The committees were kept busy throughout the Lower Counties. At the battle of Cowpens, 17 January 1781, Kirkwoods men and their comrades played a crucial role in the American victory. Public Meetings Photostat. Photostats include acts of Congress pertaining to days of fasting, and business of the Council including the exporting of flour to other states and to Bermuda, complaints against Deputy Quartermaster General Francis Wade, the appointment of a deputy quartermaster, the state schooner Delaware, and efforts to regain state papers captured by the British. Folder 4 contains depreciation pay certificates from 1782-1784, and a list of Indian nations involved in the Revolution. John Montressor journal extracts (transcripts), 1777, 16. Parliament bill relating to Delaware (transcript), 1775, 3. American Philosophical Society. Early Sea Fights of the American Revolution. S.A.R. Maryland Revolutionary Records. Photostat. In 1782, Robert Morris issued circular letters on matters such as finances and the Bank of North America, Eleazer McComb wrote regarding the payment of troops, and much correspondence relating to the militia can be found. New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 1974. . 27. The Yorktown Sesquicentennial Celebration, 1781-1931: Its Purpose and Plans. To George McCall, for making cartridges, 1778, 14. Colonial Delaware: A History. (6), In June 1776, Congress ordered that a flying camp be established in the middle colonies to protect the middle and southern colonies from attack. (Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1933). Texas Revolutionary War. Road from Coochs Bridge to Elk Court House . The letter folders, containing both photostats and originals, are a mixture of personal and official correspondence. Thomas Rodney to Caesar Rodney (transcripts, photostats, originals), 1776, 6. Only a few documents relating to the Revolution are found here: a letter from December 1765 regarding the Stamp Act crisis, and letters from December 1767, and January and April 1768 regarding Dickinsons Farmers Letters. Letters from Arthur Lee in February 1770 and January 1771 discuss the political situation in England. The Delaware regiment took part in the battle of the Brandywine on 11 September as well as the battle of Germantown on 4 October 1777. In September 1775 leaders from the three counties formed a Council of Safety to confirm the appointment of militia officers, draft militia regulations, and raise and supply troops, as requested by the Continental Congress. 1st Delaware Regiment (1776-1783) 1st Georgia Regiment (1775-1783) 2nd Georgia . Dickens, Charles W., ed. 1820. (1970). Delaware Line. This was especially true in lower Delaware where the areas isolation and conservatism, the influence of the Anglican Church, and the presence of British ships offshore kept many loyal to the Crown. 1777, 11. Folder 2 contains pay rolls and muster rolls from 1777-1780, and January 1781, another musical notation, a furlough from 1779, and regiment returns from August and November 1781. Newman, Harry Wright. The Delaware First Regiment fought in every major battle of the Revolutionary War. Entries show date of entry, account heading, payee or payer, reason for disbursement, or receipts, amount of receipt or disbursement, and daily balances. 32. The Assembly consisted of twenty-one members, seven from each county, elected annually. These books include rosters, muster rolls, histories, diaries, and other documents listing Pennsylvanian troops. Members were elected during alternate years for three year terms. Topics of correspondence from 1776 includes the appointment of generals, the purchase of arms, Dickinsons reservations regarding the Declaration of Independence, and Dickinsons service with his troops in New Jersey. Hancock, Harold B. T. J. Wharton. Delaware's Role in the Revolutionary War First settled in 1638, controlled in succession by the Swedes, Dutch, and finally the English, Delaware was a thriving colony in the years before the American Revolution. #48: Delaware constitutional convention, 27 August-21 September 1776, 5. . Archibald Robertson journal extracts (transcripts), 1777, 15. Delaware, resolutions of the Council, 1776, 3. Weather & Travel, Contact Us Public Archives Commission of Delaware. A Topical History of Delaware. Personal Income Tax in 1776 and 1777. (Philadelphia: C.F. #15: Revolutionary activities and Coochs Bridge, by M. Dunn, 3. Baltimore: Southern Book Company, 1955. 1 (1931): 108-147. . James Wilson, Founding Father: 1742-1798. Joseph Reed wrote Dickinson, concerned over an error in Dickinsons Vindication. New York: The Outlook Company, 1903. #405: Aitkens Register account of Delaware, 1774, 20. Thomas Kitchin, Sr. Seat of the War in the Environs of Philadelphia . [Major] Andres Journal . Haslets men defended Chattertons Hill, retreating only as the American forces did. (1934). . David Finney papers, re: Loyalists, 1779, 9. Harley, Lewis R. The Life of Charles Thomson. Colonel Haslet was killed in the fighting. Delaware Courts Coochs Bridge is said by some to mark the first display of the Stars and Stripes in battle. Samuel McMastersJames Tilton correspondence (American Archives transcript), 1774-1775, 3. While extensive, this list is not complete; please check the card catalog for references to states or particular persons. Caesar Rodneys Ride: John Dickinson, Dover, Smyrna, Odessa and New Castle, (reel 1) helical scan videotape, ca. Contains two folders pertaining to McLanes Revolutionary War activities. 24. This convention of fifteen delegates met to protest the closing of Bostons port by the British. These records may be found on microfilm. There are appointments and commissions of officers and soldiers of the army, marching orders, and supply requests. Many of these articles were part of a series featured in the Wilmington Morning News, Looking Back 200 Years, which ran in 1975 and 1976. Washington passing through Wilmington on the way to the Battle of Brandywine. . Battles; Campaigns; Leaders; Facts; Documents. Dedication of State House/Independence Festival 76, event poster, 1976. (15), An important state responsibility during and after the war was establishing pensions for veterans. Revolutionary War Rolls Coverage Table Learn more about the United States, Revolutionary War Rolls collection. Letter from President of the convention, New Castle County (photocopy), 1776, 10. 20. Officer rosters, regiment returns, pay rolls, muster rolls, casualty reports, list of officers and men to be struck from muster rolls, reports to the President of Delaware State, lists of prisoners of war, list of discharges, inspection reports, passes. and Daniel Jester, 1832, 69. 1779. American Revolutionary War. Muster roll, Delaware Regiment, Second Battalion, 1780, 30. Petitions for pay are found here, as are letters concerning Pennsylvania troops and the ongoing peace process. Lafayette Day Committee. Buchanan, Roberdeau. Coughlan, Margaret N. Creating Independence, 1763-1789: Background Reading for Children. (10), The war had come to Delaware. [Coochs Bridge and Brandywine, from Plan General des Operation de lArmee Britanique . Volume 1. 16. 19. Other topics of correspondence include the depreciation of paper money, Delaware legislation under consideration, and Continental Congress public abuses committee business. . Delaware. 13. Haslets men fought bravely at Brooklyn Heights that day, although the American forces were defeated. 17. Gen. William Alexander, Lord Stirling. Brooklyn: Historical Printing Club, 1891. Transcripts of correspondence between the first President of Delaware State and his wife. Men enlisting for the duration of the war were guaranteed a pension. On 1 December 1776, the end of their enlistment, Patterson and his men returned home.
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