The prices listed in our database are intended to be used as an indication only. The discovery coin was sold in 1979 to Proof coin specialist, Fred Vollmer, who sold it the next year to a collector. He told Coin World in June that his postal carrier delivered mail the day he received Vollmers letter (in early March 1978) about an hour earlier than normal. Vollmer, in his 1970s advertising appearing in Coin World, was known for offering the 1968, 1970 and 1971 Proof sets with No S error coins. However, there are only two known issues, making it one of the most valuable and rare coins issued by the Mint. She took them to a coin dealer, who said they weren't valuable and offered $10 per set. The coins were deliberately made. But even then, examples in PR70 Deep Cameo are fairly affordable, that most serious collectors . The dime was auctioned in 2019 for $450,000 and can easily fetch more than half a million dollars in price. Ron Guth: Only two examples of the 1975-S No S Dime are known. In Baltimore, Maryland, Peale's Museum is credited as one of the first serious museums in the country. The article very clearly states what you should do. I dont see the coins youre referring to, but if you found them in circulation theyre all but certain to be Philadelphia-minted business strikes which ordinarily do NOT have a P mintmark. The family has owned the set for more than 30 years and plans to keep it for decades more. - Last updated: June, 10 2022 Year: 1975 Mint Mark: S Type: Roosevelt Dime Price: 10 cents-$3.00+ Face Value: 0.10 USD Produced: 2,845,000 Edge: Reeded Not in pocket change. IN GOD WE TRUST written horizontally at 7 o'clock left of the portrait. All News, Articles, Commentary and Opinions are contributed by the author(s), with or without compensation, who are solely responsible for the content, and do not represent CoinWeek Management. We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. The 1975 no S dime is a legendary rarity and I congratulate Stack's Bowers on bringing this incredibly important ultra rarity to auction" said David Hall, CEO of PCGS who has authenticated the coin and whose experts are in the process of grading this beautiful gem. But what makes this coin so rare and valuable? Is it a face value only dime too? very rare. "No-S" Proof coins were the product of the way Proof dies were handled. Its true, and its probably the most valuable copper-nickel clad United States coin ever made. Hello, I have a 1971 mint set. Each proof coin is struck multiple times to help bring up minute details. To accomplish this, Mint officials included the S-mint cent in the same package as the Philadelphia coins. This is primarily due to the dramatic increase in silver prices that raised coin production costs for the US Mint in the 1960s. A great entry-level project for those interested in 10-cent pieces. A close-up view of the rare 1975 "No S" Proof Roosevelt dime. Dimefreak, there IS a 1975 "no S" proof dime. I have two 1970 a65 75 and a 76 dime and I Dont know what to do with them to see if they are value of anything. Look forward to hearing back from ya and thanks! Coin dealers became suspicious of the types and quantities of Proof error coins entering the marketplace. Dont Be Rushed In New Gold Rush, Veteran Bullion Dealers Caution, US Mint Official Jon Cameron Joins NGC Hand-Signed Label Program. The 1975 No S Proof Roosevelt Dime is the rarest occurrence for this error type. The error was discovered at the Mint in time to stop the press, but not before a very small quantity of sets had already gone out the door. Liberty Cap. In any case, he was reluctant to purchase the second set because of the higher price. The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website., hey Joshua i was wondering if my 1975 dime is worth anything. Having a coin certified has a cost that can be significant due to the liability and value of the coin, and working with a professional numismatist who is an authorized dealer is recommended. A professional dealer will be able to help you negotiate the terms of your consignment and give you an opinion on what the market value of your coin might be so that you can decide on what is the best course of action for you and your coin. I have one with no S mint, if want proof i can send it with pictures and proof of date of picture taken! With the exception of a four-year run of billon silver nickels struck during World War II, no U.S. coins produced at the Philadelphia Mint were struck with a P mintmark until the release of the Susan B. Anthony dollar in 1979. Price movement is indicated for price changes in the last 30 days. Sorry. Maybe look into other specs to see if you can differentiate between a proof and business strike. Greysheet/Greensheet represent "sight-seen" values based on a buyer's in-hand review. The PCGS3000 reflects the opinions of PCGSs coin price experts with respect to indexes developed by PCGS for specific coin categories. Granted, that 1975 Roosevelt dime you just found is most likely not worth hundreds of thousands of dollars but there are plenty of other old Roosevelt dimes worth much more than face value. Users are strongly encouraged to seek multiple sources of pricing before making a final determination of value. The Legendary 1975 Proof No S Roosevelt Dime was sold at a rare coin auction for almost a half a million dollars. When brand new, business strike coins will be flashy, lustrous, and convey the full details of the design as imparted by the coin dies. Source: Heritage Auctions 1975 10C No S PR68 PCGS.. Thanks again.Best wishes to you too!Robin, Youre welcome, Robin! Ive contributed hundreds of articles for various coin publications including COINage, The Numismatist, Numismatic News, Coin Dealer Newsletter, Coin Values, and CoinWeek. You sound like the crab on Moana. A lot of us are looking for coins in our pocket change, and that's a great way to start your search for the great rarities. The valuable no-mintmark dime youve read about is the 1975 proof version found only in the collectors proof set from that year. Circulation strike 1975 Roosevelt dimes that do not contain mintmarks were struck at the Philadelphia Mint, which produced 585,673,900 dimes that year. CoinWeek does not buy or sell coins or numismatic material and No endorsement or affiliation to or from is made. Neither coin had ever appeared at auction until the discovery coin was included in the 2011 ANA sale offering by Stack's-Bowers, where it sold for $349,600. A great entry-level project for those interested in 10-cent pieces. Then, less than 1 week later, it traded hands in a private transaction to a wealthy Roosevelt dime collector for $516,000. Another buyer had purchased the second set, on an installment plan. President Franklin D. Roosevelt died in 1945. Sounds good Izeah. The first coin authenticated bears ANACS photo certificate serial No. More importantly, a fortuitous early mail delivery that day enabled the Ohio collector (who has asked for anonymity) to buy the set. The collector and his family drove from their Ohio location to Vollmers shop in Illinois to pick up the set, in completion of the transaction. UPDATE: On September 6, 2019 this same 1975 Roosevelt dime sold for $456,000 at auction. The US Mint still makes Roosevelt dimes for circulation, but these coins are now composed of a copper-nickel alloy. The U.S. Mint struck coins for the Philippines through the 1940s. All News, Articles, Commentary and Opinions are contributed by the author(s), with or without compensation, who are solely responsible for the content, and do not represent CoinWeek Management. Its understandable that you probably find this to be very disappointing news, but the only way youre likely to turn up a 1975 No-S Roosevelt dime is by finding it in a 1975 proof set. However, there were a few instances in which these coins were struck. In many cases, there are no active sight-unseen buy offers, so CDN looks to the recent lowest market values for such an item. Collectors Universe, Inc. disclaims any warranties whatsoever with respect to the accuracy of the PCGS3000 or any specific coin index. If so, unfortunately its NOT the 1975 N0-S Roosevelt dime. A 1937 Philippines one-cent coin is worth about $1.50 to $2 in circulation condition. Freshly distributed coins gradually lose the visual appearance of newness. I love this sight already!Ill certainly recommend it to others! Proof Roosevelt Dimes CoinHELPu 138K subscribers Subscribe Share 71 views 9 minutes ago #1975 #no 1975 No Mint Mark. This letter is offering the SECOND KNOWN SET that we found out about, just after we purchased the first set. Before that conclusion of the transaction, however, Vollmer offered the Ohio collector the second set that had been authenticated as Proof by ANACS. When the forklifts were sent outside the Mint facility for servicing, confederates of the assay office employees retrieved the error coins, which, after the oil coating them was removed with gasoline, were then sold into the marketplace. This post may contain affiliate links. This Proof 1975-S Roosevelt, No S dime, one of two pieces known, realized $349,600 during Stack's Bowers Galleries' Aug. 18 Rarities Night auction in Rosemont, Ill., placing it in the 11th . The obverse side features Roosevelts portrait facing to the left with the inscriptions of Liberty and In God We Trust. The reverse side features a torch with an olive branch to the left and an oak branch to the right. However, the rarity of the 1975 sets could possibly be attributed to the investigation into the clandestine operations at the San Francisco Assay Office. It is worth its face value. The record price for this coin was nearly $49,000 for a coin with an MS68 grading. Catalog Details This left a lot of room for error, resulting in two varieties of no-mint mark dimes in 1982. While the photos you sent are not of the rare 1975 proof no-mintmark dime, I wish you the best of luck in finding one! Coin World images. Greysheet Catalog Details 2022 NATIONWIDE COIN & BULLION RESERVE. August 22, 2019 Listed in first place in the third edition of the 100 Greatest U.S. Modern Coins, the 1975 No S proof Roosevelt dime is one of the rarest issues in all of American. This is totally normal. However, some dies escaped this process; thus we see "No-S" dimes in 1968, 1970, 1975 and 1983, "No-S" Nickels in 1971, and "No-S" Lincoln Cents in 1990. Two years later in 1970, a similar situation occurred and more proof Roosevelt Dimes were struck without a mint mark. 100th pint of blood donated 7/19/2022 . No matter the scarcity or desirability of a coin, these factors impact its value. These no-S dimes are extremely rare and very valuable. Does your1975 Roosevelt dime look something like the one in this photo? Several reputable coin dealers then contacted Bureau of the Mint officials. Fleischmann left Coin World for ANACS in 1976 and was replaced in the Coin World position by his assistant, Thomas K. DeLorey. Greysheet/Greensheet prices are wholesale market levels for collectible coins/paper money intended to indicate what a dealer, or wholesale, buyer would pay for the described item in the specified grade. Beginning in 1968, when the San Francisco Mint began striking Proof coins, all dies for Proof coins were prepared at the Philadelphia Mint. Technically, it is an error dime, though Im not sure the amount by which it was struck off center is enough to really register any significant numismatic value. An $8,000 notation (an insurance value apparently written by a member of the Numismatic News staff in February 1978, to which the set had been sent for use in news coverage) is also written on the note. Vollmer, now retired, told Coin World in late June that the seller contacted him after seeing his advertisements for those earlier sets. To properly identify a 1975 No S Roosevelt dime, one must first be able to distinguish between a Proof coin that is made for collectors and a business strike that is made for circulation. This is simply amazing in terms of American coinage, in which there is . Thank you for reaching out This is indeed a 1975 Roosevelt dime, however it is a common variety from the Philadelphia Mint which didnt place mintmarks on its dimes at the time. All Rights Reserved. Production: 2,845,000 Roosevelt dimes were minted at the San Francisco mint in 1975. Monday Morning Brief for May 1, 2023: Congress must act, Croatia celebrates men's clothing with first euro coins, Watermelon Note ripe for picking at May Heritage sale, Mint sells years first platinum bullion coins in March, Coin World Thought Leaders Series: Chris Arbutine of Belleair Coins. Maybe you should dumb it down for some. The 1975-S Proof Roosevelt Dime is fairly easy to obtain, as the San Francisco Mint struck more than enough examples to meet the collectors demand. The dies were then shipped to the various branch . Conder101, Jun 22, 2010. The coins are so rare that they were not discovered until 1978 when two examples surfaced. Its a regular, Philadelphia Mint 1975 Roosevelt dime. You can find it near the bottom of the coin, right above the E in ONE. He said that he conducted the transaction through the mail and never met the seller. 2. Our price is $38,550/00 with 10% down, balance on April 1st 1979. For this reason, Bluesheet values typically represent the floor of the market for the specified item. However, it is also a matter of historical record that during the early to mid-1970s, a group of San Francisco Assay Office employees clandestinely struck Proof error coins. During the modern era, regular proof coin production has taken place at the San Francisco Mint. The Ohio collector and his family did not take possession of the set with the dime until the final payment was made in 1980. I have had three 1975 [Uncirculated] mint sets sent to me for the NO S PROOF SET., Vollmer continued in the 1979 letter: We are offering this [second set] to customers that we held a list of when we offered this [first] set last year. No such roughness is visible on the coin consigned to Stacks Bowers Galleries. Only two are known. The first Proof Roosevelt Dime struck without an S mint mark was the 1968 Proof No S Dime. A proof set is a special set of collector coins that the United States Mint sells to coin collectors each year. These branches symbolize strength and peace. The example above is a circulation strike 1975 Roosevelt dime in the typical grade one might find in an original uncirculated roll or in a United States Mint Set. This example was discovered in a United States Proof Set accompanied by Proof coins of each denomination struck that year. It has deep reflective surfaces so, Im hoping its the valuable 1975 no S Roosevelt dime! Perhaps weight or thickness? Im guessing you hope this is the 1975 no-S proof dime, new examples of which can only be discovered in 1975 proof sets. Because of their silver content, all the dimes struck between 1946 and 1964 are worth significantly more than their face value. with 2 pennies, 1 Kennedy .50, 1 Jefferson nickle, 1 quarter.Theyre S mint. CDN Publishing is not responsible for typographical or database-related errors. The coin you are looking for is very rare and would have come in a Proof set that would look like this 1975 set. Proof coins are coins produced by the United States Mint using a special process to impart maximum detail onto the struck coin, to present the designers art in its full glory for collectors, who pay a premium for the privilege of owning them. Another rare no-S dime was the 1975 issue. This means it increased in value by more than $165,000 in fewer than 10 years! But apparently not everyone understood it. Half dollar and Quarter in with the 1975 Dime, Nickel and cent. Silver: This coin is 90% Silver with a silver weight of around 0 troy ounce pure silver. The issue is rare with only 12 to 14 examples known across all grades. NEW! This Proof 1975-S Roosevelt, No S dime, one of two pieces known, realized $349,600 during Stack's Bowers Galleries' Aug. 18 Rarities Night auction in Rosemont, Ill., placing it in the. The Coin World staff noted several imperfections on the coin that are unusual though not impossible on Proof coinage. 2., 1975 No S Proof Roosevelt Dime - Most Valuable Coin, Rare Dimes: A List Of Roosevelt Dime Errors, A Clad Roosevelt Dime Key Date Analysis, The Value Of Old Coins Found In Pocket Change See How Much Your Old Pennies, Quarters, Silver Dollars & Other Coins From The 1900s Are Worth. These coins are conditional scarcities, so they are very valuable. 1975 No Mint Mark Dime $525,000! And, because its circulated, its worth face value. I am fairly certain that I just assumed it was from another party, but I have no recollection of making that assumption. Edited January 20 by J P M rrantique and JT2 2 VKurtB Member: Seasoned Veteran 8,812 posts Joined: June 22, 2015 I have a 1983 no S proof set myself, and the PCGS example shown in this article doesnt do justice of what a proof should look like at all. S above date. One sold for $349,000 at the 2011 ANA sale. Any estimates of the number of "No-S" coins is strictly a guess, but all except for the 1975 No-S Dime have certified populations of between 24 and 242. After acquiring the set, Vollmer mailed a letter to clients (apparently a dozen or so individuals) who had purchased from him the earlier Proof sets with error No S coins, clients including to the Ohio collector. In a side-by-side comparison, the difference between a Business Strike and a Proof Strike is unmistakable. In the illustration above, the coin on the left is a circulation strike 1975 Roosevelt dime. Baltimore. Get it FREE now, Original images courtesy of Stack's Bowers Gallery. While the common 1975 Roosevelt dime is only worth its face value, the no-S dime in proof condition is extremely valuable. People will obviously leave comments as theyre doing and submit numerous duds with no chance of getting any result, while only those companies you mention will reap all the reward. Just two sets have ever been authenticated, and until the two sets surfaced recently, they had not been seen in the marketplace for decades. Yesterday: F.W. Conder101 Numismatist. Did you know theres a rare 1975 Roosevelt dime worth $350,000 500,000? If it had an s, it would be a disme. The coin is set to be auctioned on Sept. 6 in Long Beach, Calif. (Image courtesy of Heritage Auctions) Until 1996, all U.S. coinage dies were produced at the Philadelphia Mint. Vollmer told Coin World in June that the same California individual found both sets in a box of five acquired from the Mint and sold both to him, though on separate occasions. An extremely small number of proof coins missing the mint mark were released. Doubled letters In God We Trust? The Philadelphia-struck 1975 Roosevelt dimes struck for circulation were not struck with P mintmarks, so these are normal circulation strikes worth face value. I just want to know only if ever that this coins i have is authentic or fake.Thank you. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 1975 no s roosevelt dime. MS-63 $1.91. And while CoinWeek believes it is possible that an additional example or two may have escaped the notice of the Mints quality control teamnot to mention generations of coin collectorsit is highly unlikely that a casual coin hunter, without the benefit of tens of thousands of unsearched Proof Sets, is going to discover another example in the wild. If So, Then You Might Have The Rare 1983 Copper Penny Worth $15,000! John R. Sinnock designed the Roosevelt Dime series. By the time he inaugurated his monumental headquarters in New York City in 1913 at the time, the tallest building in the world the company had more than 500 stores nationwide. Real Experiences. ), DeLorey said June 30: To the best of my recollection Ed never said anything about who owned the second piece. Your dimes have to be super shiny, people! The only example graded is a PCGS PR68 that was submitted to PCGS in June 2011. First, thank you very much for the response .. Sir, I have a lot of dime from 1975, but no one was like the one I sent you pictures of .. Sir, this dime always appears prominent and clear, but there is a protective layer on both sides that prevents photography from showing full details. Woolworth Co. Frank Woolworth opened his first five-and-dime store in Utica, New York, in 1879. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. All Proof 1975-S Roosevelt dimes have an S Mint mark, except for the two known pieces without it. This explanation is not as far-fetched as it may seem, because other remarkable Proof errors emerged from the San Francisco Mint during the early 1970s (for example, a Proof 1970-S Washington Quarter struck over a 1900 Barber Quarter from Philadelphia). To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. Vollmer added $800 to the purchase price as a service fee for the installment plan. What you have here is a regular-issue Philadelphia-strike Roosevelt dime worth face value and unfortunately not the 1985 no-S proof Roosevelt dime found only in proof sets. This coin has a total mass of 2.268 g, a diameter of 17.91 mm, and a thickness of 1.52 mm.It's edge is Reeded, and the coins are composed of 1965-2022 75% Cu 25% Ni, Pre 1965 90% Silver and 10% Cu.. Most proof coins look very sharply struck and many have shiny, even mirror-like surfaces. In addition, the dime shows a patch of roughness on the torch visible on the coin, on the 1977 Coin World photograph and on a 1983 ANACS photo certificate.
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