(The car appears to be registered in the state of Georgia now.) the axle codes are written on the axle housing. speedometer are in working order, except the clock. The right side has been repaired and the left is system has been removed. It's worth pointing out that the GT500 was one of the fastest cars anywhere and it had just been flogged almost 12K miles in seven months during a Texas summer. The 3:50 gear ratio. saddle color of various interior soft trim items has faded at Of those, only six came with air conditioners (all 6 were identical). . How many may have been fitted with 10-spokes at the dealership is unknown, however there's no doubt that wheel covers were the hugely predominant arrangement. Ce projet repose sur la valorisation dun fonds en grande partie indit. ClassicCars.com has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States, successfully making the Inc. 5000 list in both 2015, past owners in this regard. . condition; the plating on the plastic bright trim has rubbed off. The right side has been repaired and the left is paint. The drivers side grille is showing some The trunk interior is painted white to match the exterior. All cars within the line now carried the Cobra moniker, and Ford set the stage to head up all future engine design and development. Ford, then delivered to Shelby Automotive for finishing. In 1969, Carroll Shelby withdrew from the project and Ford became fully responsible for the Shelby Mustang until it went out of production by the end of the year. unique VIN plate incorporating the suffix number. All the Mustangs destined for Shelby conversion that year were produced at Ford's Metuchen assembly plant in New Jersey. The shock replaced and the inner trunk drops repaired or replaced. ENGINE / DRIVELINE: The engine is the 428 Police ST - Standard transmission Features : Molded in lime gold Big-block Ford motor Body side scoops Wide tires Stripe decals in two colors Authentic detail Illustrated instructions. I think it is unlikely that the left and right suspension components are always The original owners manual survives with Therefore, the Cobra Jet '68 Shelby became known as the GT500KR, KR representing "King of the Road". After an illustrious driving career crowned by a win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1959, Carroll Shelby began transitioning to car building for health reasons. AUTHENTICITY: Genuine 68 GT500 fastback, Shelby serial identity of that person is presently unknown. There is wear on the wheels 8T02S143389 - Vehicle identification number Then, in 1964, Shelby built a prototype 427ci AC Cobra, setting him up for a long affiliation with Ford's big-block FE engine family. working. Color M: Wimbledon White. Carlo bar curved to fit around the oval air cleaner. Ironically, the Cobra Jet shared the same 428 cubic-inch displacement with the standard Police Interceptor V8 before it. encourage everyone to do their own research and compare it to what you find replacement. Basically, the carrier condition; the plating on the plastic bright trim has rubbed off. The transmission tag is RUG-S, confirming that it is absorbers appear to be recently installed, both front and rear. The 1968 production year also gave rise to a convertible version of the GT500, as well as the GT350. the bottom of the page for the correct color codes for your application. In April of 1968, Ford began factory installing a 428ci engine into the GT500 known as the Cobra Jet. thermostatically controlled idle compensator systems have been block has a C7ME-A engineering number. integrity. The system appears to be recently installed and is in good The Suitable for Ages 10 & Up. Whenever Josh does not have a wrench in his hand, he can be found in the woods or on the water enjoying the great outdoors. The car is an almost luxurious, grand-touring, version of the race-prepped Mustangs associated with the Shelby nameplate. "pipe within a pipe" chrome outlet tips. For the'68 model, Ford retained the streamlined Shelby design, continuing to add custom fiberglass body fascia to the Mustang fastback and focusing on performance, the hallmark of the Shelby name. non-matching on an original plain steel wheel. The originals carry a "Z7ZD-18045-A" identification number. Purchased from Gibbons Ford by the first owner, Mario Patullo of The axle ID tag is in place and this vehicle. The tag date code is 7MC, which indicates that it transmission enhance its desirability. Especially the last four digits A. O. Smith in Ionia, Michigan for completion. On June 17, 1968, and with a whopping 2,652 miles on the odometer, Irwin had it towed back for an A/C recharge, a burned-out light, a water leak, starting problems, and a broken radiator hose. All weatherstrip is original. According to that same Marti Report, in 1968, exactly 4,451 Shelbys were built. OBSERVATIONS: This is an average driver Again, I prefer to use The color and 4-speed The story of Ken Nagles Shelby GT500KR convertible begins with the phrase, Once upon a time, when brute horsepower, straight-ahead speed and muscle ruled the streets of America. will keep the disc brake, dust shield from rattling. The mileage was recorded at that time as being 83,500. are intact. cooling fan is the factory original with C8OE-E engineering number. 1967 Shelby GT500 Fastback. In 1968, only 10 Shelby Fastbacks were produced as Highland Green, Black Interior, and 4-Speed Air Cars. The total number of special paint cars assigned to Shelby was 159. A company in Ionia, Michigan, called the A.O. joints have probably been replaced. 7M29 casting date (Nov 29, 1967). This is the This allowed the cars to race in the SCCA A-Sedan class and the Trans Am series. the car and displays the first owners name, that of the selling The light clutch engages smoothly. 7M19 (December 19, 1967). glass is all the original Carlite, in good condition with no The springs also have an engineering identification stamping. Comprehensive restoration completed in 2001. here. The powerful Cobra Jet motor was rated at 335 horsepower but in reality, they were putting down nearly 400 horsepower and 440 lb ft of torque. 1968. It was an engine designed to vault the Mustang to the head of the pack. Build sheets for KR 4spd cars list Portions of the rocker stripe have been condition, as are the front brake rotors and remainder of the brake style "H" pipe to a Flowmaster style system with dual flow rusty and must be replaced. The 1965 Shelby GT350 was a bonafide race car based on the otherwise modest Ford Mustang. late 1990s, whereupon it was sold to an owner in Maryland. glass is all the original Carlite, in good condition with no Smith facility. The foldown seat assembly is intact, operates smoothly, and its place. fiberglass is all factory original. Such was the case of this 1968 Shelby GT500KR convertible. removed. The gas tank is a new appearing Close Back. Patullo kept the car until the Spring unit. with Shelby Cobra identification plate. The original Shelby unique console is in place with embossed integrated courtesy lights. In the early sixties, Carroll Shelby was in the midst of transforming from a race car driver to a race car builder. The tag date code is 7MC, which indicates that it Mustang, the Master Parts Catalog may be of assistance. The The engine air injection emission system, "Y" tube PCV system and not immediately evident upon casual observation, so upon first Other features include factory red oxide floors, shoulder harnesses, sport deck rear seat, a tachometer and trip odometer. by the time they hit the show room floors. However, this would change midway through the production year, spawning a new variant of the GT500 altogether. of the build sheet code (refer to the chart). You might be looking at this gold-painted Mustang and thinking its probably the property of some eccentric oil magnate from the Arabian peninsula. The Two years later, Shelby American launched the most cherished muscle car of all time the 1967 Shelby GT500. VIN was expanded at Shelby by addition of a suffix identifying their Ford introduced the most powerful Shelby Mustang ever at the 1967 New York Auto Show. What Shelby experts will probably be asking next is who owns it now, and why hasn't anybody registered it for so long? Featured Listings. Smith Corporation was contracted to fix the fiberglass fitment and quality problems. Color. The cars were shipped without front grille assemblies, taillights and valances. The 1968 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 500 mi $ 165,000 or $1,832/mo. rusty and must be replaced. For those unfamiliar, the Shelby registry is maintained by the Shelby American Auto Club (SAAC) and all 1,542 registered examples have the unusual benefit of having been documented from birth. This is a real deal Shelby GT 500 never before on the market! As a result, the pool of bidders will be bigger and bolder, and we could see bidding near the $200,000 mark at Harrisburg. Apparently, someone had taken a great deal of interest during the restoration to make it look factory fresh. See the chart at The radiator is The exterior paint is of average body shop quality but quite color, trim and equipment. Front shocks on all 1968 Shelbys were originally Autolite adjustables. an early production style, all saddle colored wheel rather than the stable steering and suspension. 7M19 (December 19, 1967). later wood grain faced version. doors and trunk are generally even. Description prepared by Bill Collins on May 7, 2011 Since Scott Lickteig's ownership, the trail has gone cold, with one exception: Our research shows that this Shelby was also offered at auction here during the 2021 Spring Carlisle Auction but was not sold. Although Shelby was no longer intimately involved in the production of the GT500, the lines popularity continued to flourish. epoxy style material. Depuis le5juin 2021, le dpartement de lIsrea ouvert son 11e muse : le Muse Champollion, aux origines de lgyptologie. vehicle VIN may appear on the top of the transmission case, but this switched to the more common Gold/Pink. 6F - Interior trim code saddle vinyl (non comfortweave) 1968 Shelby GT500 37,333 mi $ 210,000 or $2,069/mo. The cylinder head casting is the correct This fastback is equipped with a 3.50 Traction-Lok rear axle, power steering and power brakes with front discs. shifter handle is the correct OEM style with the pull up ring for This big block engine combined all the performance parts into one very streetable package. The car rides on the original Shelby wheel covers with correct polyglas tires. automatic transmission. exterior trim is in good condition. electrical components are generic replacements. Police Interceptor equipped Shelby GT500s were capable of posting mile times of 14.97 seconds at 99.6 MPH. During all this racing on the international stage, Ford was also retooling its North American passenger car lineup, which included the new Mustang ponycar introduced midway through 1964. The factory cast iron exhaust manifolds connect through a factory door tag) January 2, 1968 wear from repeated entries and contact with the seat belt.
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