Heres what they found And coal is a distant fourth.. Our apologies that this latest weekly permit update is a day late. of Environmental Protection has gotten a signed consent order from Antero Resources assessing a fine of $93,000 on the company for pollution of waterways in several WV counties related to installing pipelines. Superintendent Michael Wells said if the plant closes, the Thursday, April 27, will mark 45 years since 51 workers died when one of the plants cooling towers collapsed due to green concrete, considered one of the worst construction accidents in U.S. history at the time. City modifying lease with ballpark and upgrading a west-side intersection. It would be a crying shame for the plant to die, Justice said. Pepper, as well as WVUs Van Nostrand, cited one out of Centralia, Washington. Severance tax revenue was a large part of the budget surplus the state accumulated last year. Plus, theres the pollution. It is exciting to be part of an enduring partnership that can amplify our joint commitment to the manufacturing sector, Braun said. Powell said while hes worried about the future of the plant, hes a lot more hopeful now than when Energy Harbor announced the transition in March. CHARLESTON Gov. We are a nonprofit investigative newsroom that exists to give West Virginians the information they need to make our state a better place. And I hope that this company invests in the community as well, he said. Methanol plants convert natural gas into methanol, used as a chemical feedstock (raw material) to create other things, like gasoline, antifreeze, plastic bottleseven LED and LCD screens. Pennsylvania issued 19 new permits in both southwest and northeast PA. Ohio issued 8 new permits, all of them to a single driller (Ascent Resources) for two well pads in two different counties. What Mon Power does at the end is out of my control.. Normally we issued these updates on Wednesdays. Superintendent Michael Wells said if the plant closes, the system could lose $1.3 million of that tax revenue annually, only some of which could be made up. Authorities searching for person of interest in Huntington house fire. In Pennsylvania, 19 new shale well permits were issued across the state. Continue reading, All three M-U states received permits to drill new shale wells last week, but not a lot. [My dad] said, Whats going on? This reduction in funding would come at the worst possible time, said the foundations executive director, Sheri Fleegle. Next fiscal year, the Pleasants County school system is projected to collect around $6.7 million in taxes. Originally slated for closure in 2018, Pleasants has received millions in bailouts from state Republican leaders that have extended its life for years. As a result, the company plans to sell or close the plant next year. If you just step back and think about it, thats 154 jobs right there in Pleasants County. Forcing ratepayers to pay even more to keep an unprofitable plant open will only add to this burden. Fort Martin however, employs about 180 people, according to the FirstEnergy fact sheet on the plant, and provides Mon County $3.4 million in annual property taxes 26 more employees and just shy of double what Pleasants pays. CHARLESTON, WV Gov. Last Friday they opened bids from four different drillers. For Doug Renner one of more than 150 people employed by the plant news of a possible closure puts not only stress and strain on him, but his entire family. Im not surprised at all; its been on the chopping block for years, he said. Speaking during his weekly virtual administration briefing from the Capitol, Justice said he was pleased that FirstEnergy Corp. subsidiaries Monongahela Power Co. and Potomac Edison Co. submitted a plan to the PSC at the end of March to operate the plant for a 12-month period while it considers a more permanent proposal. 22-0793-E-ENEC can be sent to P.O. Steve Adams can be reached at Just a single AP story currently running in dozens of newspapers and in other media outlets/websites across the country. CAD cited two primary reasons: Pleasants has better pollution scrubbers and better access to coal supplies. Other power plant pollution contributes to local health issues, including asthma, bronchitis and heart disease. Her alleged passenger, Abigail Hause, 18, was pronounced dead at the scene. Carr declined to comment further, only to say that the Slow Down for the Holidays program is paused pending the outcome of the various investigations. ST. MARYS The Pleasants County Solid Waste Authority will hold its annual electronics recycling collection from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, Earth Day, at the Momentive Performance Materials Plant, 10851 Energy Highway, in Friendly. Pleasants Power, located south of St. Marys and Belmont, is a 1,300-megawatt coal-fired power plant. The severance tax is 3.95 percent. And the people who could lose their jobs from the plant and beyond might have to leave, creating a rip in the communitys social fabric. The Slow Down for the Holidays community service program has been in existence for many years and has been utilized on a limited number of occasions, Carr said. According to WV4EF, customers of Mon Power and Potomac Edison have seen their electric rates increase by 50 percent over a 15-year period. Justice orders flags at half-staff on Saturday in honor of Upshur County Sheriff Virgil Douglas Miller. If were not generating that money, then were going to have to look at [cutting] anything from programs to potentially some positions, Wells said. The State Public Service Commission is deciding what should be done with the Pleasants Power Station. Among them, Pleasants employs 154 people and provides $1.75 million annually to the county in property taxes. Written comments for Case No. A request for comment from the ODC was not returned. ST. MARYS, W.Va. (WTAP) - A woman is behind bars Monday after Pleasants County authorities said she left the scene of a fatal wreck on Friday. But asked specifically, the companies said this week in an email exchange: As stated in the filing and in last weeks hearings, the companies are unable to make any recommendation on the purchase of the Pleasants plant and respectively whether Fort Martins status will be addressed as part of any recommendation, as we believe additional studies and analysis are required before a decision can be made., The two legislative resolutions urging Mon Power to buy Pleasants cite the economic advantages to the state. That fire was extinguished before they entered the residence. Methanol plants use a LOT of natural gas. Continue reading, The West Virginia Dept. He joins us from the Pleasants County Humane Society!. By Douglas Soule. Continue reading, Last week 24 permits were issued to drill new shale wells in the Marcellus/Utica. Get our in-depth reporting delivered to your inbox every Monday morning. One car was traveling northbound when it hit another car that was going southbound head-on. ST. MARYS A bid for the Pleasants County Power Station has been pulled and the owners are looking for new interested parties. Pleasants County has a rich history, centered in the growth of the chemical industry, said Diane Braun, executive director of the Pleasants County Development On the eve of a deadline set by two FirstEnergy subsidiaries, the West Virginia Public Service Commission gave its approval Monday for the plan that will keep the Pleasants Power Plant warmed up and its workers employed for 12 months, while ratepayers pick up the tab. MORGANTOWN, W.Va. During the debate on whether or not Mon Power and Potomac Edison should buy Pleasants Power State and keep it running, whats not been Online comments can be submitted at by clicking Submit a Comment on the PSC homepage. But in recent years, theres been increased uncertainty about how long it can keep burning coal. CHARLESTON A filing by the West Virginia Office of Disciplinary Counsel seeking the suspension of Pleasants County Prosecutor Brian Carrs law license confirms Next fiscal year, the Pleasants County school system is projected to collect around $6.7 million in taxes. Local News. To the best of our knowledge, no one personally benefited in any way other than the individual motor vehicle operator and members of the community who were identified as, or known to have, a family need or in need of assistance, Carr said. Beyond the immediate expense of the bailout, $80-$120 million in improvements are needed for the plant to comply with water pollution standards.. Copyright 2023 West Virginia MetroNews Network. Instead of dismissing traffic citations for $50 in gift cards or toys, the county was dismissing state criminal misdemeanor charges in magistrate court from citations for passing school buses all the way up to DUI charges for as much as $1,500. Energy Harbor, which owns the coal-fired power plant in Pleasants County along the Ohio River, is going carbon-free so it has targeted the plant for closure at the end of May. Published: Sep. 20, 2021 at 12:04 PM PDT. Coal prices have recently been over $100 a ton. According to sources, the ODC and JIC started investigating the Slow Down program last year. Pleasants Power Station The next few days will highlight arguments over how far the public is willing to go in saving a 150-employee West Virginia power plant. Im under that stress to make sure this is successful for them and for me.. In 2018, residents were shook by an announcement that the plant could close. More by Douglas Soule. Further comment at this time cannot be made so that the investigation can be completed without impact from any form of printed or social media comment, Carr said. They are urging Mon Power to buy the facility from the current owner, First Energy. In fact, it was one of the lowest overall number of permits issued in recent memory. Although a target per-acre bonus amount has not been specified, Tomblin has publicly stated hed like to see a 20% royalty on any such under-the-river leases Nada. The secondary schools those students attend could also take a hit. Ohio received four permits. Continue reading, West Virginia Gov. Superintendent: Michael Wells ; Schools . The State Public Service Commission is deciding what should be done with the Pleasants Power Station. Two FirstEnergy subsidiaries, Monongahela Power Co. and Potomac Edison Co., have sought to enter into a letter of PLEASANTS COUNTY, W.Va. (WTAP) - The future of the Pleasants Power Station has seen much public debate since FirstEnergy announced its intentions to shut the plant down last year. Continue reading, West Virginia doesnt let any grass grow under their feet when it comes to the drilling industry. Dave WHEELING West Virginia Gov. Among them, Pleasants employs 154 people and provides $1.75 million annually to the county in property taxes. Ohio issued 10 new permits. On Monday, the West Virginia Public Service Commission gave Mon Power and Potomac Edison the go-ahead to negotiate a deal to keep the Pleasants plant from shutting down next month. Proposed rates from West Virginia American Water could mean more expensive water bills. 1 / 3. The PSC gave the companies until March 31 to submit a report to the commission on the feasibility of purchasing Pleasants Power separate from an approved $91.9 million increase in the Expanded Net Energy Costs surcharge at the end of 2022. He said, Weve known for many years that the coal-fired power plants in West Virginia will eventually shut down, and that its only a question of when. The very first thing that happens is researchers must locate who owns a given property, and then landmen head into the field to get them to sign a lease. Its not just plant employees and their families that would be affected by a closure. A loss of jobs whether from the plant itself or businesses like Sayres could lead to reduced support for organizations like Pleasants Community Foundation, which gives out scholarships and grants. Already, Energy Harbors announcement along with the current high prices for materials has delayed a project for HVAC improvements at St. Marys High School. However, around 10 a.m. the massive tangle of scaffolding, which was connected to the inside walls of the tower itself, pulled loose and the entire structure crashed to the ground. CHARLESTON Two magistrates in Pleasants County have resigned and the county prosecutors office is under investigation over a holiday program designed to wipe Monongahela Power and Potomac Edison submitted a new filing Friday afternoon to the state Public Service Commission A $36 million rate increase proposed by FirstEnergys West Virginia subsidiaries to keep a coal-fired Pleasants County power plant from shuttering has provoked strong reactions. In the Bible, he said, it says we shouldnt worry about tomorrow. According to Wilderness Fire Chief Noah Allen, the victim was 79 years of age. The total number of permits across PA, OH and WV last week were down by about half from the week before. Comprehensive coverage of West Virginia news. State issues, politics, and people making the news. Breaking stories from major cities and towns in West Virginia weather updates, global news, and business stories. Latest West Virginia News from West Virginia State News.Net City modifying lease with ballpark and upgrading a west-side intersection. Jim Justice made the announcement Monday via livestream with company and local officials. Responders at the scene indicated he had set both fires, but its still under investigation, he said. Do Not Sell My Personal Information It would be a crying shame for the plant to die, Justice said. Superintendent: Michael Wells Jim Justice said Wednesday he still wants to see the Pleasants Power Plant near St. Marys saved, but it is WebGov. The average customer would see an increase of $15 on their water bill under the proposed rates. We find that when balancing the interest of the current and future customers, the general interests of the States economy and interests of the companies, the Interim Solution Proposal is in the public interest and should be approved, the order continued. He has served as editor-in-chief Were just trying to feed [our] family, he said. Earl Ray Tomblin is a pro-drilling Democratan unusual occurrence. Pleasants County Schools 202 Fairview Dr St. Marys, WV 26170 (304) 684-2215 (304) 684-3569. Im obligated to make this a successful place so my employees can have long-term employment. The state passed millions in subsidies four years ago to keep the plant running. Live Feed . Superintendent: Michael Wells ; Schools . White steam billows from one of the concrete cooling towers at the Pleasants Power Station in Pleasants County. Box 812, Charleston, WV 25323. Brewers body was taken to the state medical examiners office for an autopsy, he said. So says a single Associated Press article. Obviously, youve got engineers, technicians and mechanics and all these specialty jobs down there [in the plant], said Pleasants County Commission President Jay Powell. ST. MARYS, W.Va. Thursday marks the 45th anniversary of one of West Virginias darkest days and one of the most horrific construction accidents in United States history. If he loses his job at the plant, Renner doesnt plan to leave the county or move away from his family farm there. We have an incredible manufacturing base and a great workforce training program thats going to produce a lot of good for our beautiful state, Justice said. Brewer was found deceased upstairs,. Officers returned fire but an autopsy is planned to determine the exact cause of death, said 1st Sgt. WebNewsBreak provides latest and breaking Pleasants County, WV local news, weather forecast, crime and safety reports, traffic updates, event notices, sports, entertainment, Zuri is very sweet and loves to be pet. One other delegate replied but said he didnt feel familiar enough with the full issue to be able to comment. The program also solicits monetary donations and fundraisers. He wouldnt reveal any names, but said there have been three kinds of groups interested in the plant: companies that want to repurpose the facility as a hydrogen power plant, coal companies interested in keeping the plant powered by coal, and groups interested in doing the same but using the electricity for cryptocurrency mining. Per the Rules of Judicial Disciplinary Procedure, JIC matters are confidential unless the JIC issues an admonishment or formal charges have been brought, said Jennifer Bundy, public information officer for the state Supreme Court in a statement Tuesday. Justice said now that Mon Power and Potomac Edisons cards were on the table, it was important for the PSC to review their proposal. The companies are seeking an order from the PSC no later than April 25 authorizing the companies to enter into a letter of intent with Texas-based Energy Transition and Environmental Management to operate the plant from June to May 2024. Im aware of the task or what its going to take supposedly from Mon Power and FirstEnergy and everybody in regard to keeping the plant open.. Douglas Soule is a Report for America corps member who covers business and economic development. The involvement of the Pleasants County Prosecutors Office and the countys two magistrates Randy Nutter and Lisa Taylor triggered an investigation by the ODC and the Judicial Investigation Commission. Pleasants County has a rich history, centered in the growth of the chemical industry, said Diane Braun, executive director of the Pleasants County Development Authority. The plant also represents the largest taxpayer in Pleasants County and is truly the heart and soul of the community.. West Virginias House of Delegates and State Senate have both passed resolutions to keep the Pleasants Power Plant near Saint Marys up and running. The use of coal enables our power company to add to the PJM grid and provide reliable, cost-efficient power. Copyright Weirton Daily Times | | 114 Lee Ave., Weirton, WV 26062 | 304-748-0606. The chosen site formerly housed an industrial plant. You can read our previous coverage of this story here. From: West Virginia Governor Jim Justice. And to answer your final question, he said, we always need all the relevant information before us to make a decision that affects our constituents, and with this information that they are putting out to the PSC I would more than likely look at this in a different view. Continue reading. And certainly more importantly to me those jobs, those good-paying jobs, that would be gone.. Lets give FirstEnergy/Mon Power the time necessary to complete their review and I will monitor the progress going forward..
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