It was never a competition where I thought it should be me. He would be onstage. There was a lady with the band I kind of had a crush on and we were very much in touch. Rolling Stone is a part of Penske Media Corporation. And so we were doing Salt Peanuts at like 200 miles an hour. Do you think if Genesis come to America, youd want to go see the show? The very first one, and I had to beg my older brother to take me, was Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers. That was my introduction to that. Most surely he didn't made s much money as Phil Tony and Mike, but he has a wealthy positiobn and artistic respect, something that Genesis lost. Had they said, Were going to change the feel a bit, I would have been fine with that. Yes, it`s true, but none of them became the permanent lead singer in their bands like Collins. Carmine Appice, Cozy Powell: composers as soloists, mainly. That was just rhythm section, [keyboardist] George Duke, [bassist] Tom Fowler. It was a lot. Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Progatron, Feb 4, 2021. And initially, that was so families could travel. As of late though, I think Phil Collins has sold out, but not the with Genesis. Fortunately, the bass player [Bob Babbitt] stepped in and started the tune. Thats because it was getting close to time to go back out with Phil. And the best artists do it without you even realising it. [Laughs]. [Laughs] That was fun. I learned some people don't like unpleasant realities like a great drummer describing a falling out with Phil Collins followed by a decade-long silence between them. Were just dealing with Covid. He kept trying to get me to take less than what I was already making. I was there just a week and I actually ran across them in Sydney. And even though Im not doing it anymore, Im glad that he decided to go back to work. Not too many of them sing even backing vocals, not too many of them are composers, not too many of them become famous as soloists, not too many of them are very good lead singers. Right. Chester Cortez Thompson (born December 11, 1948) is an American drummer best known for his tenures with Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention, Weather Report, Santana, the progressive rock band Genesis and Phil Collins as a solo artist. In the meantime, they had brought in [drummer] Narada Michael Walden. In recent years, hes taught at Belmont University in his adopted hometown of Nashville and toured with the Chester Thompson Trio. He got a film-editing machine and wanted to really dig in and learn how to use it, which he did. Drummers are kept in the background because DRUMS CAN'T MOVE AROUND THE SCENARIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the reason he left the drums to Chester and Bruford. There were all these conversations going back and forth that Id try to track. It was a huge deal. How about pop music? That aint me. But basically, for 14 years hed tour every other year and Genesis would tour in the off years. There was no getting around it. He basically played us these tunes hed come up with. Chester Thompson on His Years with Genesis, Frank Zappa, and Weather Report He spent 30 years in Genesis as a touring drummer, but he had a falling out with Phil Collins in 2010 and they haven't spoken since So I can understand he creates mixed emotions , the disappointment we all felt with the direction of music through the 80s but I think he has been turned intoa scapegoat for a much broader trend. Phil and I, from the very first rehearsal when he sat down and we started jamming together, we just locked, he said. And they had great songs. I cant be gone that much at this point. Thats when Ricky [Lawson] wound up doing [the Phil solo tours of the mid-Nineties]. In my mind, these guys were almost hippies compared to what I was used to. He said they were going to be doing something totally different and they werent interested. Later that year, he also cancelled two gigs after falling in his hotel room and hitting his head, a result of the drop foot mentioned above. And I grew up with that Motown stuff, so I think maybe I took it for granted. Not at all. Well, basically, I hadnt prepared in as much detail as I usually did. Again, as humans, we adapt. I mean to be keep in the background in their importance in the bands. But since I had been in his band and on the road so much, I hadnt had time to do any networking or meet many people in L.A. I dont think that far ahead. He spent 30 years in Genesis as a touring drummer, but he had a falling out with Phil Collins in 2010 and they haven't spoken since By Andy Greene February 4, 2021 "Culturally, we were on. Did you get to meet him? Ive heard lots of audiences tapes, but its pouring rain and none of them sound great. I think he got a little annoyed since I had done an interview and they asked which I enjoyed [Genesis or Collins solo] more. After rehearsal, Id go back to the hotel, go to sleep, wake up at 3 a.m., practice for a couple of hours, go back to sleep, wake up, have breakfast, and do it again. Im just not going to do that.. In Europe, everyone in the audience knew all of their catalog. I mean, there was mutual respect and stuff, but there was never, like, a friendship. He actually double-tracked all that stuff. It was the biggest adjustment Ive ever had to make, musically and culturally. It was a vocal version. He hung out with the band after the shows and stuff. The band was really good. Are you still teaching? I am reminded of this Amazon review of "Dance Into the Light" (which, incidently, has the funniest Phil Collins album cover). Phil helped survive Genesis. Beans and Corn Bread was probably my favorite Louis Jordan tune. Since then, I was pretty upset. Exactly. Get out of here., Turns out, he went to the hospital and he really had broken his finger. note: They chose instead to record with drummers Nir Zidkyahu and Nick DVirgilio. I hadnt done that. [Laughs] Again, Im loving what Im doing with my band. Hed teach me how to play along with albums and where to put the fill and how to sing along with the melody and not get lost in the solos and how to make it swing. Im pretty excited about this project with them. They are phenomenal musicians. I had no idea. Not too many of them sing even backing vocals. What I can't still understand is the almost in memorian picture of him in Live 73. This is before they had hits, but they did have Yes We Can Can. In those days, they were doing pretty much doing all Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross stuff. And Id been doing it long enough at that point that I didnt have any expectations beyond knowing, Im here to do what he did [on the records]. When we played together, it was like he was the guy and Im there as the backup, to support him. He was a virtuoso, no question, but most of his stuff was straight 16ths. And its fine. How was it for you culturally? It lets me read for about 90 seconds before it yanks the article. He canceled a tour and was honest about it. He knows what he likes Well Steve was recording a couple of other albums and he was wealthy by that moment, his dream was always to make Genesis sound as he wanted to listen them. Do you recall much from the reunion show with Peter Gabriel in 1982 at Milton Keynes Bowl? I was playing in the San Francisco production of The Wiz back then. I could track one guy, kind of, but then somebody else would jump in. But the opening fill, all of that, is me. They were having a little congratulations party for Tony [Smith] to celebrate 30 years of management or something. Phil Ehart: owner of the name "Kansas", who also worked as their manager sometimes, he is not one of the main composers in the band. Did they audition you? Also, drum parts in Genesis are not very easy to play and sing at the same time on stage. Even the sax players who sometimes only play 3 notes or a solo in songs are more impotant than drummers in bands (it is the same in Jazz, not only in Rock bands). I just knew that he was a radically different person than Id ever known. I worked with him during a really happy period in his life. One day, he got pretty frustrated with me and literally cussed me out in front of everybody. He was smelling the money. Don Henley: another drummer who is lead singer, and main writter with guitarist Glen Frey, and he also sings ballads without being "hated" as Collins is. That was their first tour in 10 years. Napoleon Murphy Brock was auditioning at the same time for vocals and saxophone. During that same conversation, I said to him, As a matter of fact, I need to take a break from doing both. Phil Collins had to hire Chester Thompson and Bill Bruford. Let me remember: Leee Kerslake. Basically, I had to jump right into the deep end. We normally had a lot of eye contact at shows. I probably heard more Elvis than anything in the Fifties. Why dont you come and jam with the band? I said, Man, Id love to, but I dont really want to audition.. A lot of well-known names. That aint me., Despite thoseearly troubles, Thompson recalled that he hit it off immediately with Collins, which made their regular drum duets easy to perform. I said, Tony, in view of what Phil said in this interview, I guess I dont need to hold these dates any more? He said, What are you talking about? Basically, after the first day, I was like, The only way this is going to work is if you give me a list of which tunes you want to go over the next day Ill have them ready.. I was seriously intimidated. I enjoyed it though. A Godly man a class act. Man, it was wonderful. In the meantime, hed gotten a solo record deal. Yes, please explain the secret to bypassing the RS paywall. If you listen to the title track, there are two different drummers on two different days of recording. Among other things, in one interview Bruford said: "In YES, the most important members are the singer, the bassist and guitarists like Rabin and Howe. Im really grateful and Im just excited to see what comes next. I repeat myself when under stress, I repeat myself when under stress, I repeat myself when under stress, I repeat myself when under stress, I repeat myself when under stress . He called up and said, Would you be up for doing a tour with these guys? He explained what was going on and stuff. Thank you, I agree with you about the intelligent debate and even if we disagree about somethings in the end its down to a matter of opinons. Rolling Stone interview series Unknown Legends features long-form conversations between senior writer Andy Greene and veteran musicians who have toured and recorded alongside icons for years, if not decades. They were amazing. I was leaving straight from San Francisco. Turns out they had hired Jaco. And so the horns would make a mistake and hed turn around and look at me. I was okay one-on-one, but they speak much, much faster than we do. Phil Collins says he lost his ability to drum during 2007's Genesis reunion tour. They were starting rehearsals the next week for a new tour and that happened to be my favorite band at the time. I called Joe and was like, I just got this message from Wayne saying not to come to the studio. I know my reaction to Hacketts "Genesis revisited" was- Hmm, I guess hes running out of money As I wrote, I find Hacketts soloalbums uneven but on the other handhis music is solid (apart from that GTR-thing, didnt like it!) Absolutely. He figured it out pretty quickly. Weve been healthy, fortunately. He must have a contract for a hundred and one sappy stereotypical songs for Disney movies. It was a big part of his background, and we just hit it off immediately., One of his biggest problems on his first Genesis tour was trying to understand his English bandmates speech. 2023 Rolling Stone, LLC. Playing in bars must have really sharpened your skills. Unfortunately, it really took off, so I dont think it worked as a tax write-off. It was perfect timing and what a fun tour. If you did your part, it was fun. I don't subscribe and I sat and read it for a good 20-25 minutes. George shared with me that [violinist] Jean-Luc [Ponty] didnt enjoy it so much because he couldnt stand being silly. I dont know details of what happened with that, but I think Peter was busy putting something else together. There were pictures taken and all that. But Phil Collins still did great things with those two albums. He's a good drummer. Unknown to me, he quit over the Christmas holidays. Drummers and keyboard players don`t have the same status as them". I grew up in the projects, so in the summer there would be people outside playing music. Chester Thompson on His Years With Genesis, Frank Zappa, and Weather Report, Northern California between Sac and SF, CA, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. Peter Criss (Even lead vocals), Keith Moon, Carmine Appice, Roger Taylor (Much better backing vocalist than anybody else and even lead a couple of times). Who did you see after that? He only truly related to drums. Well, after the first tour they were like, Were going to bring you in for the next album. Phil was all for it. I thougfh the consensus was that Collins was not the only reason, but just a small part of Genesis's evolving intoa pop band? Steve saw it as a compromise joining the band. I have no idea. The very first tour was a tour of England. Pat Mastelotto: I don`t know about his status with King Crimson. Apparently Phil and Bill grew up near each other and knew each other fairly well. We didnt do a lot of shows, but at the very last show [at the Montreux Jazz Festival on July 1st, 2010], he wasnt the happiest hed ever been. Part of that was no matter how well I prepared, he always made some pretty intense changes. That stuff smokes. That was Ralph Humphrey on drums. It was a different situation in Chicago. Id say we agree on his drummingskills. Who knows what thats going to look like at this point. His work ethic was just phenomenal. He jokingly referred to it as a "selection of shows". What a nice man, Don Van Vliet. It was amazing stuff, absolutely. I played every weekend from eighth grade until I graduated high school. Say It Right, Aug 16, 2018 #152 The_Windmill likes this. It was just there. He is just a great drummer. -Ballads in Prog Rock are underrated, because Prog Rock is not "romantic". !11, Prog Bands, Artists and Genres Appreciation, Piano, Programming, Orchestration, Fender Rhodes, Fortepiano, Keyboards, Keyboards, Programming, Orchestration, Engineer, Keyboards, Mixing, Orchestration, Engineer, Programming, Guitar, Orchestration, ?, Main Performer, Harmonica, Percussion, Vocals, Producer, Vocals (Background). When Phil said that his 2004 tour was going to be his last one, did you believe him? . -Drummers who are lead singers "better should stay behind the drum kit and not to sing". (I am totally serious, the tamborine dance is amazing), Phil Colinskilled my friends younger brother, I saw him do it i swear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The reason we were doing it was to raise money for Peter since he went broke doing his first WOMAD show. Ralph and I had to watch each other like hawks and really listen carefully. She scored one of Spike Lees movie. I thought, Why not? I had no idea I was going to fall in love with teaching. Why didnt it go well? What happened with the Calling All Stations period with Genesis? When he turned around, it just freaked me out because I was already nervous since I didnt know what was going to come next. Phil Collins had to hire Chester Thompson and Bill Bruford. Yeah. I didnt see it coming. When Phil called, the first thing he said was, Theres no audition. Chester Thompson. Man, I still love to play. What happened when Jaco Pastorius came in on bass and Alphonso Johnson left? this can result in this site earning a commission. Carl Palmer: again great drummer but not a main composer in ELP or Asia. I didnt know until later. Chester Thompson and Phil Collins Chester Thompson - From Jazz to Genesis Aug 17, 2018 by Bill King Comments Its been 42 years since drummer Chester Thompson, bassist Jeff Breeh, and myself were the backing/touring piano jazz trio for the Pointer Sisters. That wasnt going to work. I was taking lessons from a friend of my brothers who was a jazz player by choice. IvanI think we have reached the end of our discussion wether Phil is nasty or not. In fact, we wound up doing a tour opening for them. Again, Ive got no grudge. Her parents are now in her band. No. No. They limit the amount of times you can access their site. Not sure what's up there? How much did you know about prog-rock bands like Yes, King Crimson At the same time, it was a little weird investing that much time in something you were never going to be a part of. But back to the point, the investment in this album was big, Bruford, Levin, Wetton, Ian Mc'Donnald, Julian Colbeck, etc are not cheap, and he knew from thestartthis album would never be a hit. And to be honest, my whole career has been about playing different kinds of music. [Laughs] Its interesting, I probably absorbed more of their culture than they did anything I grew up with because I was really uncomfortable. No, I'm not a big fan of Collins, and no, I don't have any of his solo albums. Not all his music is that way.With the exception of his Disney music albums and his "Testify" album, I have listened to most of his albums.I found some good songs there.
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