THESE COPS ARE WRONG AND THEY ALL SHOULD BE IN JAIL FOR WHAT THEY DID TO PATRICA, PUTTING HER AWAY FOR LIFE FOR SOMETHING SHE DID NOT DO. This woman was obsessed and jealous. Watching Reasonable Doubt right now hope they also find that she did it. Opinion: the ideas that a person or a group of people have about something or someone, which are based mainly on their feelings and beliefs, or a single idea of this type.. Hardly an argument, more a figment of your overconfidence in your opinion. Patricia Lynne Rorrer made for a good suspect. We should be skeptical of those, like you, who suggest its obvious a jury got it wrong that you know better than 12 people presented with the evidence. Joanns first husband, New Jersey construction worker Michael Jack, who had reportedly abused her during their marriage, also had a solid alibi. Too bad she got off with just a life sentence. And remnants of what look like a baby rested on the mother. In summer, after thawing, there will be small animals eating the body and even turkey vultures, but not so much in the winter. However, that first theory very neatly allows the cops to further theorise that the gun she once owned (which had a history of jamming after the first shot) was the one used at the murder. None. He took two tests and there was deception detected in BOTH. Hoist by my own petard! Together they had a baby girl, Nicole. Despite the fact it has never been proved thats exactly how it happened, it seems to be accepted as fact it could just as possibly have been the other way round, beaten and then shot. Clifford Freeman, since you are already at the top of the list of deluded people not much room left for anyone with an oversized ego such as you apparently have!! They found several specimens but not a single one was a match. Andy did end up moving to Colorado with her and the last time I checked, they were still together. Theres also the matter of a woman who suddenly remembered she saw Joann with another man at a Food Mart store five days after the disappearance. . Media galore. Catherine are you sure your names not Karen? Andrew mentioned to police that his former live-in girlfriend Patricia Rorrer once managed a horse stable two miles from the bodies location and would have been familiar with the riding trails close to the murder scene. She is 100% guilty seen 2 programs on this awful murder and read about it as well. Phone records confirmed Patricia placed the earlier call from North Carolina, not Pennsylvania. Aside from the hair, there was almost zero forensic evidence. Her jealousy and rage because Joann told her to not contact her husband set her off. Had there been a switch? Rorrers defenders remind me of a case in my home town There was a killer who confessed, was caught on video committing the murder and was seen committing the crime by an eye witness. So lets get going on the recap of the Forensic Files episode A Woman Scorned, along with extra information drawn from internet research: Joann Marie OConnor was born on Oct. 11, 1968, the youngest of Sarah and David OConnors four children. because theres money to be made from the commercials added into their show. She only spoke on the phone with him a couple of times a year; when she called that last time, she didnt even know if Andys child was a boy or a girl, and the baby was almost 4 months old. Patricia Rorrer was convicted of both deaths in the mid-90's and is serving a life sentence. There appears to be evidence of her disturbed thinking shortly prior to the event (inc her stating she knows who the perp was shortly after but would not identify because its her?) Then you claim this is an opinion. BROADCASTING SPECULATIVE SCENES, SUCH AS MENTIONED ABOVE, CAN LEAVE A VERY INDELIBLE MEMORY ON THOSE WHO ARE HAPPY TO REMAIN GULLIBLE. She was the one that left Andy! Your assertion that most people cant distinguish reality from crackpot nonsense is in fact nonsense the reality is that most people are easily fooled by these biased documentaries who then feel its okay to spout their tripe as if its the gospel. I just watched Reasonable Dont on this case. Patricia is a evil monster. Startling new allegations surround one of Lehigh County's most notorious murder cases. The fat cow is guilty as hell and I hope she continues to have the shit kicked out of her in prison every day of her useless life. DNA also doesnt lie. Under supervision of a doctor, 39 hair specimens were removed, recorded and logged. The person who killed Joann is currently serving a life sentence because 10 months after Joann and Alex died, he killed another woman (who bore a striking resemblance to Joann) and her baby. Shes still guilty, with her hands did it or not, in regard to baby Alex. And this was never disclosed to Rorrers Defence. I am reliably informed they took SIX hours, not TWO as stated in my comment. Once, when a gun-wielding farmer and his buddy caught Patricia and Gary riding motorcycles on his field, Patricia walked up and got in their faces and argued, Gary recalled to the Morning Call. Which explains why she made Joann kill the baby, or suffer from the environmental elements. Yeah, no. Free Patricia Rorrer Ep 205 - Clair Hour 1: Black or White TV-MA | 53 MINS | 2020 And she would just call out of the blue., According to the Free Patricia Rorrer page on Facebook:I called him to let him know that I was going to the USA finals for a horse show. This witness was never revealed to Rorrers defence. If I rolled my eyes any harder they might fall out. I want to keep the tons of old jewelry but Im perplexed. So, if you feel you have to be critical of me, you should also bear in mind those hate-mongers and perhaps have a word with them too. That did amuse me I have to say, but youre way off target there Im more than happy with my state of mind before and after reading any of these comments. They returned with a guilty verdict and a sentence of two life terms. She never had anyone testify against her but an ex-boyfriend! The organization purports that if there were awards for distorted reporting, the Morning Callwould win high honors.. On closer inspection, he saw it was the body of a woman. And then there are documentaries (video and audio) which, by all accounts, stick to the facts and make a compelling case for her innocence. SHE IS NOT GUILTY OF THESE CRIMES. It says that Andrew Katrinak passed his lie detector test. Wouldnt that verify Troutmans claim that the husband was arguing with the victim, in a rage? Agree with all you say but theres so much more involving incompetence, corruption, evidence tampering and then witnesses, in Rorrers favour, who were not disclosed to her defence her trial (something they were legally obliged to do). A person tried in a court of law and then found guilty is not the be-all and end-all to the case. One of Patricia's alibis was that she was at a bar on the night of the abduction. She made Joanne kill the baby PLEASE. It might have said no root but could have been wrong. An infant was lying face down on her stomach. During Patricias hours-long turn in the witness chair, Michael McIntyre grilled her relentlessly. Flaw in reasoning. Just as there is no such thing as the perfect murder, there is also no such thing as the perfect murder investigation. Patricia seemed like the girl next door but all of a sudden, something snapped, Katrinak later told Wrong Man investigators. At the trial, prosecutor Michael McIntyre alleged that Patricia remained obsessed with Andrew Katrinak long after their breakup despite testimony that shed had many boyfriends and live-in lovers to occupy her bandwidth. Re Routier, the claim that she inflicted a potentially fatal injury on herself by no means indicates another perp: she could have inflicted it in ignorance, as a suicide attempt, or in a semi-psychotic state. And the fact that Patricia called Andrew even after he married someone else didnt mean she was still carrying a torch for him, according to one of her friends. Shes extremely, extremely happy with the baby. Oh wait, sorry, you werent there. Shes where she belongs in prison for the rest of her life. Then 31 years old, she had lived a rocky existence. That is not just a circumstantial case, that is both circumstantial and forensic, and it is pretty air tight. Why? Early in the investigation, the hairs found in the car were sent (in glass slides) to several laboratories including the FBIs. They depict scenes which are pure speculation or exaggeration or present scenes, which in fact were only theories mentioned at her trial. The fact that there is LITERALLY NO EVIDENCE that Patricia was actually obsessed with Andy; they spoke as friends maybe twice a year. I hope it was only sloppiness of language choice, I refer to your comment of December 22, 2020 at 1:04 pm in which you state, I quote.Im inclined to think both Rorrer and Routier are guilty.. Highly charged case. The evidence is overwhelming of her guilt. 18+ When 21-year old Jessie Morrison is brutally beaten to death, police zero in on Vonda Smith. Does it actually have to be an obligatory duty for anyone to be present at a trial before they are able to have an opinion? she didnt need to . Three days later, Joann had plans to pick up her mother-in-law, Veronica Katrinak, to go Christmas shopping. Sorry ladiesher hair was in the car and at the scene.she murdered them. PS Speculative lies is meaningless. Suzanne Pearson fabricated quotes from Patricia including her claim that Patricia said, Im going to the electric chair upon her arrest because a conviction would boost Pearsons career. Did they ever determine cause of death in the baby? Superior Court states that Patricia Rorrer and Andy Katrinak's romantic relationship ended in May, 1993 only one year before the murders. Great communicator. I didnt read anything in this article that convinced me I didnt like that the lab had a bad rep and I do agree the police lie and frame people sometimes so I cant say 100% she did it or not. Its an opinion learnt from a well-researched book, from documentaries which show and mention a great deal of facts and evidence which was never brought up at her trial. No show. Walmart woe. No explanation given. DNA tests proved the blonde hairs were hers. With Joann Katrinak, Alex Katrinak, Patricia Rorrer. Some lawyers call microscopic hair analysis junk science that today wouldnt qualify as evidence in a trial like Rorrers. She was born on Jan. 24, 1964, in eastern Pennsylvania and moved back and forth between there and Davidson County, North Carolina. And Andrews explanation of how the intruder got in through the basement door seemed contrived, according to Grube, who gave an interview to Wrong Man, a 2020 true-crime docuseries from the Starz network, which produced two episodes called The Hang Up about the Rorrer case. This time, not surprisingly, the FBI did achieve a match. Some two years into the investigation of Rorrer, a court order was obtained to remove hair specimens from her. Another point is the theory developed by the cops that the victim (Joann) was shot just one time and then bludgeoned to death. If I see anything that offers a differing opinion or is inaccurate, I think its entirely fair I should say my piece. I dont even know its Christmas.. Lehigh Cty.) Yet, you have a story like Darlie Rutier who supposedly stabbed herself seriously enough that was centimeters from her carotid artery, yet this woman is in prison still? Very soon after, the original hairs (in glass slides) were sent to the FBI again. They retested hair from the car in 2008 with updated new technology. One of Patricia's alibis was that she was at a bar on the night of the abduction. Perhaps that would lessen your fright. Curiously after this latest test, the 39 hairs removed only 34 were accounted for what became of the absent 4 hairs? simply to create an atmosphere of hatred towards a person who, in all probability, has been wrongfully imprisoned. I believe in Patricias innocence and she deserves to be freed, at last! I think Patricias defenders are implying the hair came from some unknown person. What a contrived case! Unbloody vehicle. The first rule of a murder is motive. Why would somebody tell you, theyre going to fry me, if they didnt do it? Jarrett told Wrong Man. Also why if beaten with a gun or with whatever, why was there no blood on the clothing? And finally, your supercilious comment about Speculative lies Ive perused my previous comments and at no point do I see those words! She had a suitcase packed, Devine said. I dont think so. Your email address will not be published. ), And in another bombshell, Joanns good friend Karen Devine said Joann planned to leave Andrew after the holidays. Tiffany, it is amazing you have all the answers to these murders! As to her duration on death row, no: inference cannot be made as to her guilt as theres a woman with about the same time (Holberg) and another with almost as much. Yes, documentaries probably do misrepresent evidence, and many may respond to that misrepresentation, but beneath that is jury judgment, and while courts can be wrong they are usually right. This video is currently unavailable. She got 12 months of probation for shoplifting at a Walmart in Lexington, North Carolina. Thank you and well said. That woman has no soul. Search it out and check for yourself. Why is this even a question, why people are trying to take out killers into society? Tragedy also touched Patricias life. A correction to the comment above. Please read her story. I noticed quite a few errors myself. On a secret recording, Patricia asked Jarrett to vouch for her attendance or she might go to the electric char. This Sunday, Investigation Discovery and velvety-voiced Dateline NBC correspondent Keith Morrison will revisit the double-homicide. Thank you, this is a very interesting comment. Out of the two hairs found in the car only one had enough root to perform a DNA match which did match but police waited to arrest Patricia until a highly advanced and accurate match could be made, which took a year. But I suppose you havent a clue about that. Conflicting versions. His hair (back in 94-95) was dirty blonde and roughly 8 inches long. Search is on. It makes me sick. She didnt need to have owned all the guns she ever used, nor to have owned the gun she in fact used. Catherine Im in complete agreement with you! Patty is my cousin. Thank you Kerry. Inside the locked 1992 vehicle, police discovered some strands of blond hair stained with dried blood. But Patricia had moved from Pennsylvania years ago, and she'd started her own family in North Carolina. If that really is the case, the husbands alibi for a date months before becomes irrelevant. As for him, yes, it looks like the first suspect, but if he had alibis, quite hard to accuse of actually doing it, and I understand it was a pretty solid one. Have you read the book? Bully for you if youve read a lot and seen a lot: its meaningless to other posters and adds nothing to your argument for innocence. The police considered the possibility that Joann ran away, a theory disputed by her family. February 29, 2020. After reading this forum and hearing the details of this case, Iowa sure seems a lot fairer in my eyes. Further, an early FBI report said the hairs found in the car had no roots which contain the DNA suggesting an evidence switcheroo. Remember, killers have the advantage over investigators. This case is not over yet more to follow only trouble is, law moves along at a pitiful pace. Barry Grube, one of the few, if not only, police officers sympathetic to Patricias cause, noted that Andrew didnt seem particularly frantic while authorities searched desperately for his wife and son. Of course, if he had info that only the perp would know Admission has long since been disregarded without corroborative evidence. They were there in the winter months in which the bodies would have been frozen most of the time. Answer 1 of 3: My Thai wife put her foot down - despite Covid-19 were are going sightseeing, or else. The state police dropped him as a suspect. Required fields are marked *. In fact it clearly shows how short you are on all the details surrounding this case. And I can back up that claim by the fact I have read, watched and listened to all there is to know about this case. The difference was made by the investigation, Interpol has some good detectives who do not play with peoples freedom and who do not use American techniques such as pictures, lets compare hair color after pictures bullshit, not even with the performance of todays cameras such a thing is not allowed, the issue of dismantling the alibi only with indirect evidence, like that her name was not in the notebook, a European court would withdrew it immediately, you cant go with a thing like this, its called inconclusive proof, even the fact that one of the witnesses said that the business was not opened where she said it was that day, its inconclusive, the accused can say that he/she forgot, was there and left, and his alibi I dont know how it was verified, but what should been verified first were the contacts between him and her, if he contacted her before that, if she had been contacted from public phone for example before the murder, how many times, when etc, if he was near the places where she was until the murder, things like that. I would think if she would have an passed they definitely wouldve started looking somewhere else but there was just too much evidence against her anyway so.. and with forensics the way they are today. But defense lawyer Robert Pfeiffer said that plenty of evidence supported Patricias innocence. I would suggest you take the time to read the book or, at least watch the documentaries which STICK TO THE FACTS, and then comment. Most damning of all the evidence is the hair which was DNA matched to Rorrer which was instrumental in her conviction. After researching this case more thoroughly, I stand corrected about the time it took the jury to return a verdict. Stevie J Further to my previous comment, I should add the following. She killed a mother and child and now has all of you eating out of the palm of her hand about how mistreated she has been. His favorite rattle, shaped like a phone, lay near the crime scene. Did he go on to have any other children is later relationship(s), do we know? Why would it be an irony for a person to express his opinion? You, however, consider your ill-informed opinion superior to them not only that, you then go to great lengths to belittle them. Although the prosecution used it as evidence that she was trying to create a false alibi, it actually sounded more like Patricia was simply trying to nail down the facts he had already asserted to her. As for the murder weapon, police didnt find a .22 caliber pistol on Patricias property, but an ex-boyfriend claimed that she owned one and it would always jam after one shot. Clearly, there are a lot of irrational people out there. Nailed? Lie detectors are pseudo science. Book her. On Instagram, I found a post for a two-part Win at All Costs podcast featuring journalism professor Bill Mousheys interviews with Patricia Rorrer from prison in December 2019. The phone wire was located at the opposite end of the basement, which was dark. They did this case on Reasonable Doubt last night. The victims vanished on December 15. While not a guilt sceptic, I suggest this was either ill-conceived expression or an expression of misguided mindset for its not for the defendant (albeit now convict) to convince of innocence but for prosecution to convince of guilt (and per appeal, that guilt is safe rather than innocence unproven). Tommy Lynn Sells admitted to killing a 9-10 old boy in Indiana I think and the mom Julie (cant remember her last name) was jailed mainly due to the ex-husband (father of her son) testified and said things that werent true. They allege that the North Carolina resident stealthily drove 500 miles to Pennsylvania and killed out of a sense of deadly indignation. RR, Watch the Forensic Files episode on YouTube. It was just assumed to be crib death. Meticulous primping. In a million years, she wouldnt do anything to harm that.. A person tried in a court of law and then found guilty is not the be-all and end-all to the case. Just one example. You seem to have a fragile ego. ALL IT THEN BECOMES IS A SOURCE OF INACCURACIES AND SPECULATION, WHICH ONLY SERVES TO BOLSTER THOSE WITH THAT MENTALITY AND PERPETUATE THE LACK OF TRUTH. She wanted all men to give her attention but she couldnt have everyones attention, especially ANDREWS!!! Police believe Rorrer abducted and killed her ex-boyfriend's wife and infant son in Pennsylvania. On December 12, 1994, Joann answered a phone call from a woman shed never met, Patricia Rorrer, her husbands onetime girlfriend. Patricia also pointed out that when author Tammy Mal started her research and speaking to me, she was not an advocate at all but she reversed and ended up advocating for Patricias innocence. Prosecution leader McIntyre, when interviewed, laughingly dismissed him as a nut in an effort to trivialise Traupmans input. Sadly, those who defend Rorrer do not want to be confused by the truth. After 30 minutes Id be calling someone! Susan Wright is out of prison after killing her husband in TX. Trash-talking ex. I believe this woman murdered Joann and Alex. He would be alive today if it were not for Patricia Rorrer. The mild-mannered Sarah died in 2019 at the age of 83. Youll have to make do with what you see here. Having watched and read all that has been available, I feel very strongly, that a grave error has been perpetrated by the law authorities. Incriminating words. Nope. From my point of view this is an extremely similar case, with less class and style, and without the luxurious details that Interpols case had, such as the involvement of an extremely expensive Alfa Romeo car, and a revolver bought at a lush auction in Paris, which had belonged to a duke before the incident. At 6 a.m. on June 24, 1997, police arrested Patricia at her modest house in Linwood, North Carolina, and took her back to Pennsylvania. WOW JUST WOW PEOPLE ARE SO BLIND BY ALL THIS. A man normally wouldnt care about killing a child, but a woman normally would have some kind of abhorrence to harming an innocent child. Its barely visible in the picture. She failed miserably to convince me, or anyone else who mattered, of her innocence.. So where they alive somewhere, and if so how could of Patricia, who was questioned, with not one mark on her kill them? (even though hes married and has a baby) Who does that?!! Im aware of Rorrers various appeals, but also aware that the bases for those appeals is to some degree unknown to observers, who rely on third-party reporting which may distort. I agree. The obvious, if moot, response to this is to observe that her conviction wasnt based on inaccurate documentaries but on trial. Presumably if they thought the evidence was against the states case, thats how theyd present as theres no obvious reason for them to be biased one way or the other. She is right where she belongs for now until she meets satan in the fury of hell. (Disclaimer: Im not a big fan of eyewitnesses who come forward years after the fact, but its possible). I would bet MONEY that the first baby born to Patricia didnt die of SIDS. Patricia had a violent past and was absolutely positively the killer. I have been following this case for a very long time, watching nearly all the available documentaries and have also read the book, Convenient Suspect, by Tammy Mal as well as acquiring a great deal of information which has emerged since the trial with regard to this case. Dont know from where youve got your information about this case my guess is youve been watching a lot of those documentaries which revel in showing the case in a disgracefully biased manner. More likely it reflects a relative reluctance to execute females as well as the pendency of what will be the last episode of DNA investigation. I believe the answer to your question is in my comment above. Kidnapped and killed? So much of it, it would take all day to elaborate here. On December 14, 2020, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court denied Ms. Rorrer's petition for allowance of appeal, concluding her state appellate proceedings.
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