The two designers behind it, Antonia Yordanova and Kristina Butchvarova, have been influenced by the 50s fashion of the last century and often use emblematic silhouettes from that period as a base for their feminine, delicate clothes. Leave the busy-ness and monotony of everyday life behind, get rid of our barriers, and experience every moment to its fullest. Kiko Kostadinov is a Bulgarian fashion designer based in London. After being rejected from Central Saint Martins, Kostadinov would assist a number of menswear designers and stylists, such as Aitor Throup, Nicola Formichetti, and Stephan Mann. [2] Kostadinov's clothing is greatly influenced by fellow designer Yohji Yamamoto. I dont like singing but there are some vintage hits and french music I love and would listen to any time. "Meet rising menswear talent Kiko Kostadinov", "Kiko Kostadinov Isn't Afraid to Put Out a Bad Collection", "central saint martins student kiko kostadinov on collaborating with stussy to fund his masters", "Kiko Kostadinov Reveals All About His Latest (and Last) Stssy Collaboration | Highsnobiety", "Person to Know: The Men's Wear Phenom Straight Out of School", "Kiko Kostadinov Spring 2019 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show", "LVMH Prize Semifinalists Champion Social Issues",, Bulgarian expatriates in the United Kingdom, Articles containing Bulgarian-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 5 January 2023, at 03:23. [3] He is also inspired by designers Rick Owens and Christopher Kane[4], Kostadinov obtained a degree in information technology before deciding to pursue fashion. 13 Bulgaria. As an American growing up in Australia, he found himself surrounded and influenced by its unique architecture and juxtaposition of old and new. Life is more fun when you can break out from your comfort zone and dabble into a life of uncertainty. The aprons, dresses, and shirts are usually embroidered in regional colors and folk motifs. Real life is so beautiful and the inspiration to be found there is so abundant and endless. Talent for building . All rights reserved. Evgenia Jivkovas Jeni Style Fashion House has been on the market for more than 25 years and is still going strong. Hire the best Fashion Designers in Bulgaria Check out Fashion Designers in Bulgaria with the skills you need for your next job. Collaborating!! The Department was devised in accordance with the model established by Western European and North American universities and is unique for Bulgaria.In 2007, with a Resolution of the Academic Council of NBU in 2007, designers and architects from the Plastic Arts department formed an independent Department of Design and Architecture. More About Us. If its not eyes you see, its the pose and everything else is the photographers work. Stacy De La Cruz/Jr. She has won the Golden Needle Fashion Prize three times and served as "Miss Bulgaria's" official designer. To help increasing the authority of fashion designers and the development of their activity in the country and abroad. Although the clothing was bespoke and never intended to be sold, Stssy reached out to him to collaborate on a capsule collection to celebrate their 35th anniversary in 2015. I went to college because I wanted to learn how to create garments from my fabrics. She was born in Varna where she finished the English language school. When hes not designing or showing fashions you will find him surfing and teaching kids about the ocean conservation, beaches and their environment. As a result I was recently named 2018s youngest most talented designer in Bulgaria and getting that recognition from my country meant so much. If youre not haunted by something, as by a dream, a vision, or a memory, which are involuntary, youre not interested or even involved. If you wait for something that inspires you, you could be waiting for years. He currently is the creative director of his eponymous label as well as British heritage brand Mackintosh 's premium line Mackintosh 0001. 24 Cuba. This theme would pervade his later work. T Presents The Designers Giving New Life to Forgotten Bulgarian Fabrics For their two-year-old fashion brand, Emma Chopova and Laura Lowena transform dead-stock textiles into intricately. Jane Jekova is one of the classic Bulgarian designers who hasnt lost her popularity over many years. She is a magnificent wedding dress designer and a specialist of long evening gowns with impressive necklines. My favorite chest food is Vegan Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich from Doomies. Tv Show:Ive been huge fan of The Flash. Kostadinov's work is centered on modern-day uniform and contemporary workwear. We are all people who care for the environment and we always have a big turnout. fashion design and marketing program two years later. This is a fun journey, but plenty of work at all times. Prof Yordanka Chernaeva, Tatyana Georgieva, and Svetla Chakurova to name a few. Try not to think of everything at once! The strongest and most motivational people are around you when going to work or the store every day. Models I never looked at many but Im inspired by Tyra Banks as I watched Americas Next Top Model for quite a while. Responsible for creating tech pack and costing sheets . We like to experiment by developing one model for different fabrics showcasing the richness of choice and their own singular special qualities. Im a model, designer and filmmaker. The partnership would continue for his Autumn/Winter 2018 collection. [7], Kostadinov experienced little transition from schooling to the runway. Mina is a renowned designer popular with her work for film productions as well. There always is and forever will be room for self-improvement in photography. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Fashion Merchandising and Design FMD 152 - Quick Sketch for Fashion FMD 154 - Fundamentals of Apparel Production FMD 155 - Introduction to the Fashion Industry FMD 251 - Fashion Strategies for Consumers FMD 252 - Analysis, Evaluation and Comparison of Ready-to-Wear Her designs center on deconstructed fashion, which plays with shadows, shapes, geometry, and dynamics of the city and gears towards motivating women across the globe, regardless of their age, status or identity. Demo has been raised in the production places of his familys shoes and clothing manufacture. In 2012 the latter split into two separate departments -- the Design Department and the Architecture Department. He has taken his love and understanding of precious . Since I was young my parents were really into fashion and the importance of how we present ourselves. The Association of Bulgarian Fashion Designers was established to acquaint the world with the potential and talent of Bulgarian designers. I left Sofia at a young age for better educational opportunities in Istanbul. Its all about continuously working, creating, and improving. Good photographers take photos, great photographers make the photos. Bulgaria is yet to make waves in the international fashion scene, but the beautiful Balkan country has lots of designers brimming with talent, skill, and ingenuity. Whats your best advice for people looking to get into fashion? Practice the skills you learn. Evgenia Jivkova presents her new designs twice a year, organizing magnificent fashion shows in Sofia. What are your favorite fashion-related motto, quote, or words to live by? Central Saint Martins graduate, Kostadinov is the creative director of his eponymous label as well as British heritage brand Mackintosh's premium line Mackintosh 0001. Success is helping people achieve their goals. Although he was interested in his own personal style, Kostadinov was never exposed to fashion in Bulgaria. This page was last edited on 3 July 2018, at 11:14. Those are some of Bulgarias top designers. [11] In 2018, Kostadinov would also collaborate with Camper to create his own rendition of three of the brand's hiking boots. The two designers behind it, Antonia Yordanova and Kristina Butchvarova, have been influenced by the '50s fashion of the last century and often use emblematic silhouettes from that period as a base for their feminine, delicate clothes. Liking what you do is happiness. 27 Denmark. Sports Team:Im not a huge sports fan but I have to go for the home team Lakers and Rams. [13], In 2019, Kostadinov was a semifinalist for the LVMH Prize for Young Designers which awards winners a 300,000 euro grant along with 12 months of support from the LVMH Group. We want to say a huge thank you to all the people involved that was an exciting experience. The best thing you can do is keep shooting. The firm was founded by designer Dorian Bolick in 2004 as a way to communicate his vision of the ideal lifestyle: a clean, relaxed aesthetic rooted in casual contemporary living with charming traditional details throughout. When people dont know you, you can always be who you want to be. I will be coming up with a new collection and release of my jewelry designs. . I found it very restricting and boring at school and this made me quit three months before graduating. Do whatever you feel and make whatever you want to hear. We tend to forget about whats on our doorstep and sometimes all it takes is a few hours in a car or on a train to discover a new, beautiful place. Success is using technology to contribute to a healthier, more informed society. Apply yourself to the basics and surround yourself with like-minded people. Bulgaria is not a big player on the world fashion stage, but it has designers whose creativity and talent might surprise you. My favorite healthy food is Vegan yoghurt. Svetoslav Kolchagov is the designer behind the Kolchagov Barba fashion brand. Fabra Moda Studio The team of the Princess Maria Louisa Vocational School of Clothing in Sofia received an award for overall performance in the national student competition "Young Talents in Fashion". Belief is a compass to help you navigate hardships along your path. Working with Joe was life changing. Present your best self. Have passion for your work and compassion for all human beings. One of Bulgarias most renowned and celebrated designers, Jana Jekova, has blessed the countrys fashion scene with stunning designs for over 25 years. Early life [ edit] Use your talent to express what you sometimes cant do with words, just know that it takes time and patience. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Fashion designers from Bulgaria. Evgenia Jivkova decided to enter the fashion area from a simple hobby of knitting pullovers and established the Jeni Style Fashion House, which is now running for over 25 years. How much does it mean to you to have been a part of LAFW 22? What are the Main Agricultural Crops of Bulgaria. You are manipulating your own reality and capturing it to show to the world in your own interpretation. Kostadinov was born in Bulgaria, but emigrated to London at the age of 16. And each one of us has been into the art field and the fashion has always been a hobby and passion for us, so when we met each other the big bang happened and give birth of the infusion between our styles Tono with her futuristic vision and Demo with his deconstructive approach. The two designers behind it, Antonia Yordanova and Kristina Butchvarova, have been influenced by the '50s fashion of the last century and often use emblematic silhouettes from that period as a base for their feminine, delicate clothes. 2023 All rights reserved. The fashion label of Nikolay Bozhilov was established in 2013, when he won the prestigious Bulgarian Golden Needle fashion award and has since been experimenting with fashion that brings novelty into the modern womans wardrobe. Mina Kaye is the designer behind the Maria Queen Maria fashion label - the only Bulgarian brand for deconstructed and avant-garde fashion with a boutique in the center of Sofia. Our designs are minimalist yet feminine with a fresh retro feel and small touches that give them personality and uniqueness. This category has only the following subcategory. My favorite Designer is Iris Van Herpen. After graduating from his master's program in 2016, he would immediately be funded by the British Fashion Council's NEWGEN initiative. Then afterwards I go to the Vegan Street Fair in North Hollywood. The Knapp girl is vivacious and dynamic, smart and sensual. Today TNT boasts three locations in Toronto occupying over 45,000 sq. She was awarded the Designer of the Year prize in 2010. Photographing the world means always bringing a camera. Instead, I started my own fashion line called under my name, which is now online as haritahovshop. It happened naturally as we start doing clothes together for ourselves and custom made and we had many ideas riding the creative wave back then, so we start making one-off capsule collections and selling them in our online store in 2007 still as a hobby between other art and design projects which finally ended up into real intentional fashion work with our first SS12 collection just 10 years ago : ) Which we present in multiple fashion showrooms and trade shows in Milan, New York, and Paris. Creating connections which last is very important so Im always engaged with my friends and supporters and I love staying connected. Dont let other peoples opinions affect your decisions, do whatever you feel and make what you want to hear. 26 Czech Republic. How would you explain your fashion style? 25 Cyprus. Facebook @haritahov. Expressing the concept with multifunctional re-shaped creations leads to natural and high-tech materials which reflect graphically with the electromagnetic field of the planet and the human body. Who are some of your favorite models and designers? Bulgarian Fashion Association is a cluster organization, created to support, promote and foster internationalization of Bulgarian Fashion companies, operating in all levels of the supply chain. During his education, Kostadinov created commission pieces made from Stssy clothing for an editorial featured in Clash magazine. Hari is an ambassador and a hands-on volunteer for a non-profit organization dedicated to the clean-up of the worlds tainted waters. Our biggest and forever inspiration is the Nature, what God has been created and what we imagine and see about the human as being part of that nature, in a balanced and symbioses with it, the spiritual warrior, the future human who stands there as part of it, concurred his truth. Let your smile change the world, but dont let the world change your smile. Keep a clean positive mind, for a clean and positive life. He initially enrolled in a foundation course at London College of Fashion, but realized he wanted to attend Central Saint Martins. Our interview with Bulgarian born fashion designer, model, and environmentalist Hari Tahov. About. We like to experiment by developing one model for different fabrics showcasing the richness of choice and their own singular special qualities. Im Haralambi Tahov from Sofia, Bulgaria. They created Julian Tahov Design, tahov.comand became the biggest club designers in The Balkans with more than 200 places built and designed by them around the world. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. If hate wasnt possible it would make love that much easier. The Fox Magazine is all about inspiration, what/who inspires you the most? Afterwards I hike or I get prepared to go to an event, and finishing with a movie at the end of the night. Learn the business and dont burn bridges. Already a well-established Bulgarian designer, Svetoslav Kolchagov teamed up with the Italian marketer Emilio Barba to create the luxury Kolchagov Barba brand. Please enable Javascript for full functionality. Photography if done right can show us how similar we are as humans, no matter where were from. Bulgarian folk costumes consist of pants, shirts, vests and girdles for men, and dresses and aprons for women. If you need a perfectly fitted tuxedo or a dress for a special occasion, Emil Hristov Atelier&Boutique might be the only destination you need to visit. In just a few years, the brand has earned a significant following and showcased various celebrities. Dont be afraid for people to see your weaknesses flaws make us human and most artists, and people, are not perfect. She has always wanted to do fashion and fashion design. After four years there, I first moved to Virginia at 17yo to continue my high school studies at a cheistian college. Knapp is a Bulgarian fashion label, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. How was working with critically acclaimed photographer Joe Simpson? Kiko Kostadinov (Bulgarian: ; born 1989) is a Bulgarian fashion designer based in London. This category contains only the following file. Book:I have a lot of science books and my favorite one I love is the Elements Book. With an eye to the future and an appreciation for the past, Red Door Living Interior Design creates spaces that both ignite the soul and warm the heart. The Association of Bulgarian Fashion Designers and Associate Member of BATOK was represented by Iren Velkovski - Chairman of the Association. Iris creates one of a kind designs as they are 3D printed and quite revolutionary. Tono has been raised in the sewing studio of her grandmother who has been designing and was running her custom-made fashion atelier for many years and she was watching all the pattern-making process and fittings for all customers. Its a real skill to stay optimistic and persevere no matter which obstacles come across your way. She prefers to use natural fabrics and muted colors. California Dreamin is my favorite song because I dreamed to be in California and now Im here. Its about making time. Every season we present two collections - a Main collection featuring more intricate pieces and the more casual Light collection. Doing what you like is freedom. She also lives in the USA. Here, discover the top Bulgarian fashion designers and how they radiate artistry in their works. Bulgarian Fashion Designers Demo And Tono Discuss Their Journey Through Fashion With Their Brand Demobaza, Get To Know Jumi Aluko: The Up & Coming Strat, Embracing Bridgerton Fashion: Regency Core Reveale. national academy of arts - sofia, bulgaria. To help increasing the authority of fashion designers and the development of their activity in the country and abroad, To encourage the development of education and talents related to the development of fashion design in order to prosper the industry in Bulgaria, To work for the unification of Bulgarian and European designers and to assist in creating new working positions in Bulgaria, To work for the establishment of professional and social relations between the members of similar organizations from different countries, For another year, the National Competition Young Talents in Fashion was held (April 13 [], If you have never been to a trade show before, let me explain exactly what [], Every year, various international trade shows are held in different parts of the world, such []. The Bulgarian companies are producing clothes for many foreign commercial brands such as Hugo Boss", Esprit", Roy Robson", Tommy Hilfiger", Balmain", Lise Charmel", Next" and a number of others. Prof. Kristina Savova, Ph.D.Building 2, Room 509tel. 15 Burundi. That we can sewing and pattern making big percent of our samples of the collection because we believe the shortest way between the idea and the realization is going through your own hands and keep it as clear as possible and of course, this is the biggest pleasure for us : ) And we also do the photography of the brand, its all homemade because we love it : ). When I travel, I look to be comfortable and feel attended wherever I go. Traveling has taught me to take things day by day. Understand your strengths and weaknesses. The Plastic Arts Department was founded in the academic year 1993/1994 by professionals in the field of applied and decorative art, architecture and design. All structured data from the file namespace is available under the. While it may have gone through significant changes, the same inventiveness and imagination can be seen in the countrys fashion trends today. 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