Property Management

Need help in managing your property?

WE WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU! Our sister company, MODE Real Estate Management Services, LLC is dedicated to providing superior commercial property management services throughout the Greater Phoenix and Tucson areas. It has been proven that by outsourcing property management to a dedicated firm, building owners can benefit from cost savings, operational efficiencies and improved tenant relations.

MODE’s Commercial Property Management Services include:

  • MODE Tenant Retention Program™
  • Full Service Accounting and Reporting
  • Preventative Maintenance Program
  • Owner Communication and Updates
  • Budget Preparations
  • Lease Renewals
  • Tenant Expansions
  • Property Stabilization
  • In-House Building Engineers, Maintenance and Dayporters
  • Building Evaluations and Recommendations
  • Utility Cost Savings and Efficiency
  • Optional “Green” Building Operations
  • Vendor Oversight
  • Risk Management
  • Lease Administration
  • Quality and Cost Control 

Choosing the Right Commercial Property Management Company
The backbone of any commercial property is strong property management. If you have recently purchased a commercial building or have a building that you have owned for a while, there comes a time that you must truly consider hiring professional property management. What many owners don’t realize is that the right property management company will, in many cases, save the property more money than the management fees…  Read More »

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