Chandler Market

The City of Chandler has Southern flare that attracts both residents and businesses. Originally founded as an agriculture town, Chandler was home to ranches and cowboys. Cotton, corn and alfalfa were the main commodities back in the day.

Chandler hasn’t lost all of its ranching charm but has certainly developed and expanded in the past two decades. It  is the fourth largest city in Arizona with a 2010 population of 236,123, growing 33.7 percent from July 2000 to April 2010. Chandler Fashion Square was added to meet shopping demands. The city has focused on arts development and opened the Chandler Center for the Arts downtown, which can seat more than 1,000 people. The Arizona Railway Museum is also a popular destination.

The city is one of the fastest growing areas in Arizona thanks to the many companies that have opened facilities there including Intel and Verizon Wireless. Retail and office space is abundant in the growing city.

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